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So Over You - Gwen Hayes

Title: So Over You
Author: Gwen Hayes
Rating: 3.5/5

Layney Logan wants to be a reporter. Or the best reporter actually. The thing is, the school paper is dying and they need a good story and they need it now! Jimmy Foster has got the perfect idea: Twelve blind dates for every month of the year and find out what girls really want when it comes to boys. Layney doesn't know what's worse - to meet high school boys and not being intrested in them period, or spending time with her ex-boyfriend Jimmy. With memories coming back she is suddenly asking herself what she really wants.

Every girl clicks with Layney's character. At least that's what I assume. I sure did. She's full of doubts and her life includes issues. Not tons of it, but enough to feel tired. Maybe that's why she is holding on to this reporter thing. It's what she does the best and what she plans to do in the future. I didn't like her view on the future at first. Having everything planed like that and call herself married with the "job". This is something a thiry year old can tell me, but not a teenage girl. I was happy whenever I had the feeling that she loosened up a little. But I completely understood why she acted like she did when she told her shocking story in the end. I hadn't expected that! She dealt with it quite good.

Jimmy, I think, is the kind of boy every girl falls for. For good reason. “I told her I liked the way your name made my heart jump.” How cute is that? If you read about him first you'll think he is kind of a jerk. Teasing and joking around too much. But he is a good soul and has a pure heart. He wants to protect Layney so bad. He understands her perfectly and gives her the space she needs, never forcing her to make decisions she's not ready to make yet. The end of Layney's report should have said: Jimmy is the guy girls want! Because it's the truth, though sometimes you just wanted to punch him for making unfriendly comments, or comments that girls get the wrong way.

So Over You is a very realistic young adult story. I liked it a lot and I'm actually a little disappointed by myself for not picking this book up earlier. It didn't do as good for me as for my friends on Goodreads, but it didn't fail either.

This was my second Gwen Hayes book, and I am proud to say that she can write both genres damn well - Fantasy and Young Adult. Will I read her other books? Sure thing!

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