Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins

Title: Lola and the Boy Next Door
Author Stephanie Perkins
Rating: 4/5

It's official - I am a fan of Stephanie Perkins books. After I read Anna and the French Kiss I wasn't so sure what to think of her books. I mean, I really liked it, but this one was much better I think. I got into the book right from the start and I loved it a lot :)

Lola Nolan is a little rebel. At least that's what her parents (or better said her uncles, since they aren't her biological parents) would say. She dressed nothing like the other girls her age do. Also other girls her age date guys in the same age, but not Lola. She loves her boyfriend Max, who is five whole years older than her. Not that this tiny fact matters to her. She's happy with him and everything seems just great. She should have known better: One day the Bell family moves back to San Francisco. Even worse - back into their old house which is right next door to the Nolan's home. And along with the old neighbours, her old crush on their son Cricket starts to flicker inside Lola's heart again. But what if the love for him was never really gone?

Way too many great aspects in this book. Stephanie makes sure you smile and find yourself near to tears in this book. Super lover of Anna and the French Kiss will be happy to read about Anna and St. Clair aswell. I absolutely loved Cricket! He is so damn cute. And also there are some parts where I couldn't help it but I felt a little bad for Max. The main character, Lola, is just crazy! In a good way of course. She has visions of the perfect costume and if this was a movie, I bet the dress would be amazing! Really liked her character.

People who love young adult stories, happy endings and funny reads HAVE to buy Lola and the Boy Next Door! I'd recommend it anytime 'cause it's an awesome books that needs a place in everybody's bookshelf.

Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

The Espressologist - Kristina Springer

Title: The Espressologist
Author: Kristina Springer
Rating: 3/5

Jane's job also at the same time her talent - coffee. Not coffee itself, but Jane's special talent is to know more about a costumer, than the costumer him or herself knows. The drink you order tells your story and makes people judge you, at least that what Jane truly believes in. What proves it more to her is that the matches she makes, so the couples she sets together like her best friend Em and another great friend Cam, are based on that take-your-order-and-I-tell-you-what-you-are-thing. When her boss discovers her secret talent, he orders her to make it his gain. Soon she also matches regular costumers as a Holiday promotion. The only thing that's now bothering Jane is that though she matches people, where is that special someone that may belongs to her?

I don't know why this is compared to Emma by Jane Austen. Honestly, I never read any books by Jane Austen, so I can't add anything to that.

I really liked The Espressologist and I also like that word a lot :D The book idea was very good and I also believe that somehow you can guess what a person is like by what he or she orders. But being matched with someone that way might take things a little too far for good. I'm glad it worked for the couples in the book at least. Not sure how that'd be in real life. Test needed here, oh yes!

So, I can't say a lot about the characters. I liked Jane, I liked Cam, but Em annoyed me a little. Even though I don't think there is anything she has to forgive Jane for, first she never wants to see her again and then in the next second she acts like her best friend again. That's what I disliked a bit. Derek is probably what a real boss would be like too. Strange and yet sometimes you want to hug him. (Mainly because it wouldn't be that strange if he's not that much older than yourself, but be careful, never hug your boss :P)

I liked the cover, I liked the book and the idea, the characters, but something was missing. That's why only three stars. The spark just didn't have it on me, but it's a very cute book and I'm glad I picked it up. No regrets there. If you can't decide what to read up next, then this is a good chill read to get your head off of thoughts. So sit back, imagine sitting with your favourite kind of coffee or Frap or whatever in a comfortable chair (or even in the coffeehouse where Jane works at) and read The Espressologist.

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Lust (Seven Deadly Sins #01) - Robin Wasserman

Title: Lust (Seven Deadly Sins #01)
Author: Robin Wasserman
Rating: 3/5

My rating might seem low, but this book was actually really good. I won't compare it to any other similar series, since I'm quite of sick reading all these comments that compare this series to Gossip Girl. Seriously, teenage drama is teenage drama. All are the same, not just one that copies the other.

I was surprised that this book was "big". I mean there are seven books of it, so I'm impressed that Robin Wasserman really wrote 229 pages. Nice.

The main part of the story is that everybody wants everybody else (explains why it's called Lust) and I found myself excited about finding out who wants who and who gets who. For example: There is Adam. He is in love with his girlfriend Beth and yet he finds hiself drawn to Kaia, the new girl at school who is, by the way, my least favourite character in this book. That's just because I don't like girls like her. Harper prefers hook ups but is secretly crushing on Adam. Beth friend's think she slept with Adam long time ago and yet she is still a virgin, fearing that Adam might break up anytime soon. Miranda's got a crush on Kane, but he wants everybody but her to make out with. I'm a little sad that Miranda's story isn't such a big part here, same with Kane. The main characters are Harper and Adam and probably Beth as well.

I'd recommend this book to whoever wants to have a nice fresh read and likes teenage dramas. I liked this book, it was great and that's why I'm going to read the other six books too.

Envy (Seven Deadly Sins #02) - Robin Wasserman

Title: Envy (Seven Deadly Sins #02)
Author: Robin Wasserman
Rating: 3/5

In the second book of the series, you get a deeper view on the characters and their stories. In addition, Robin also writes more about Miranda and Kane in this book, which I'm grateful for since they didn't take the big roles in the first book.

Harper is still wanting Adam to finally want her. So along with Kane (who still wants a little challenge named Beth, who is Adam's girlfriend) she creates a masterplan that somehow involves Kaia at some point of the story then. Kaia herself is doing her best to make the French teacher Mr. Powell losing sleep over her. (Or actually with her... Small word game here.) Still, all Miranda can see is Kane, and yet her best fiend Harper tells her to look for a little fun with someone else.

I'm not sure I liked this one better than the first. They're both good. Fact, there was more "Lust" in this book, than in "Lust" itself.

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Teach Me - R.A. Nelson

Title: Teach Me
Author: R.A. Nelson
Rating: 3.5/5

For Carolina "Nine" it's not that hard to earn the good grades while everyone else seem to have their mind on else what but school. Then something cuts her off aswell. Not that much something as someone: her English teacher Mr. Mann. The way he talks like he truly believes what he says and the way he seems to understand her point of views, she just can't help but fall for him. She doesn't even know how it happens, but suddenly Caroline and Mr. Mann are having this huge affair that nobody else knows about and can't. He always confesses how much he loves her, but why does he break things off so quick one day?

This is my first teacher/student book and I really, really liked it. It took a while for me to get into that book but then it just clicked.

Carolina loves Richard (Mr. Mann) so much, it's horrible. Horrible in a good way, I mean. It's heartbreaking that things went as they did. I admit, sometimes she appeared like some kind of freak and stalker person. She seemed really obsessed with Mr. Mann after his decision not to keep their relationship going. I didn't really understand why she was that obsessed. Of course, she is a teenager and they feel things differently and perhaps a little stronger than adults. So the grief is stronger for them aswell. Though, to me it never seemed that Mr. mann was THAT into her. She should have relaxed a bit, 'cause some things she did, just crossed an invisible line. But those things also made her appear more real. I liked the parts with her best friend. He is so cute!

Mr. Mann is the bad guy here! If there had been a pont of view from his side I'd think different about it maybe, but I doubt it. As I said he didn't seem to be into her that much, which is quite sad. Also, I couldn't understand his reasons. I would have loved to spit in his face by the time I finished this book. Yet I liked his character in the beginning.

Teach Me was the first novel by R.A. Nelson that I read and I liked it a lot! He has this special way to express things with his writing, so I'm gonna keep track with his other books, I guess. The ending isn't open and yet it isn't 'closed' either. You can wish for your favourite ending yourself and I know what's mine. Some last words: I loved the story and I want more books like that! Recommended to everyone who likes books that are nothing like you expected and are exciting to read.