About Me

My name is Darleen, but some people call me Lyssa. I live in Germany, but I really want to move to another country someday. England is in my top choices for that. My life is mainly based on music which includes dancing and singing and going to concerts. I also happen to write here and there. While I went for songs a very long while, I am currently prefering on writing novels of my own. I enjoy reading young adult novels, new adult, romances and fantasy books.

» Favourite Bands: Fightstar, Meg & Dia, The Summer Set, Atomic Tom, No Doubt, A Cursive Memory, The Cab, You Me At Six, Goldenwest, etc.

» Favourite Celebrities: Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Charlie Simpson, Kate Voegele, Daisy Lowe, Nicola Roberts, Rose McGowan, etc.

» Favourite TV-Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Greek, Dance Academy, Supernatural, Burn Notice, Moonlight, Charmed, etc.

Random Facts:
» I am obsessed with Charlie Simpson
» I have far too many role models (such as Jade Frampton, Nicola Roberts, etc.)
» I hugged Dia Frampton back in 2008
» I'm probably the world's biggest Britney Spears & Gwen Stefani fan
» I absolutely love Häagen Dazs ice cream
» I don't eat fish
» I love the smell of new books
» My lucky number is four
» I am never happy with the end-ships in books

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