Montag, 12. September 2011

Good Oil - Laura Buzo

Title: Good Oil
Author: Laura Buzo
Rating: 4.5/5

The main reason why I wouldn't give this gorgeous book five stars straight is because I'm not so sure what to think of the ending...

Amelia Hayes starts her first job and falls in love with another worker, whose name is Chris. He is single, he is charming, he is everything she wants but there's a problem: The age difference. Amelia is only fifteen and Chris is twenty-one. Now while Amelia doesn't care, she can't seem to convince Chris with her point of view. This love would be meant to fail, right?

My summary sucks, I know. Who cares about that right now? You have to read this book. Have to, have to, have to! I don't know what it is but australian authors seem to have something special. I bet it's the country itself. Laura Buzo created the perfect scenareo. Such a yummy read.

Amelia... Well, after all she is just a teenage girl and I'm feeling sorry for her for having such a huge, I mean really huge, crush on Chris. I don't blame her - he is gorgeous! I love how stubborn she is. How she really just wants him and no one else, especially not any guy at her school like her best friend would assume to her. She does her thing and nobody can do a thing about that. You rule Amelia!

What can I say about Chris? Date me!!! Seriously, there would be a big fight between me and Amelia if this guy really existed. He is such a hottie, whoa! He has conflicts of his own and tries real hard to deal with that. After his girlfriend took off he is searching for the right and perfect woman. While you read this book you just want to grab him, hand him to Amelia and make him see that she is the one. But it's his journey.

Alright, enough talking, now buy it! I loved this book so much. This whole thing about the age though Amelia loves him so much is just written in the most perfect way you could imagine. I think this story wouldn't work as a movie, it's a great book and it should stay a book. I wouldn't mind a second book. Actually I am secretly hoping for one.. Please Laura, write a second book! As I said I didn't like the end all too much, but there's just something about every book that I don't like as much as the rest. One of my all-time-favourite books anyway :) Pure gold!

(By the way, am I the only one who thinks that the girl on the cover looks like Blake Lively?)