Samstag, 20. September 2014

Stupid Girl - Cindy Miles

Title: Stupid Girl
Author: Cindy Miles
Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks to TKA Distribution and NetGallery for letting me receive a digital copy of this book.

After her senior year of high school leaves behind nothing but heartache, Olivia Beaumont is sure of this: She’s no stupid girl. She sets out for Winston College, promising herself that she will remain focused on her first and only love – astronomy. But all it takes is cocky sophomore Brax Jenkins and an accidental collision with a football, to throw her entire year off course.

A quick-tempered Southie who escaped the inner city streets of Boston to pitch for Winston, Brax is known to play way more fields than just the baseball diamond. So, when his name is drawn to take part in his fraternity’s hazing dare, Brax eagerly accepts the mission to take Olivia’s virginity. But he doesn’t plan on falling hard for the sweet and sassy Texas girl who sees right through his bad-boy persona.

As Olivia and Brax battle their feelings for each other, echoes of the past year begin to surface. A boy who once turned Olivia’s whole world upside down reappears, and “harmless” pranks wreak havoc. Pretty soon the aspiring astronomer is on the verge of revealing her most difficult, heartbreaking secret. All the while, Brax must wrestle with the irrevocable dare, and Olivia struggles against all logic as she does the one thing only a stupid girl would do: fall in love.
It took me ages to write a review. Now, I think it's time to get one done. Finally... And I don't know what to say.

If I say I loved this book and it is one of my favorite reads this year, that's a bit too short, right? Hmm... Well, then let me tell you I am not lying by saying these two things. I really loved this book - it was more than I expected and totally my taste. And yes, it also was one of my favorite reads this year.

Let's start... The prologue. Holy hell. It gave me goose bumps and not the good kind. The book starts like a movie, pulling you into the story at the first page. If you decide to read this book, make sure you have enough time planned, because you won't be able to put it down. You just won't.

I totally fell in love with Olivia's family at page one. So, I really hope Cindy Miles decides to write novels about each one of them. If not, I'll just keep on hoping... Even for a novella. I don't care as long as I get to read more. Because Cindy Miles can write. Wow.

Brax is a fabulous name and you can't not fall for him. He's what female readers are looking for in a book boyfriend. Don't pretend otherwise. We all know the truth.

I loved to read Brax and Olivia's story. Their relationship, their ups and down, everything made perfect sense. Everything was perfect. Simple as that. It rarely happens that I find a book and love it the way it is. Normally, there are one or two things I would want to change. Good thing Stupid Girl is different. I wanna own a physical copy and frame it - it was that beautiful.

So, if you want to read it (and I strongly recommend you do) and find yourself feeling bored, if this book gives you nothing - you have got a heart of stone. I almost cried while reading and that's saying a lot since even Titanic doesn't make me cry.

Thank you Cindy Miles for writing this amazing book. I am sorry if this review isn't much of a help, but my reviews usually aren't, haha. I hope to be reading more of your stuff in the future.