Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Timepiece (Hourglass #02) - Myra McEntire

Title: Timepiece (Hourglass #02)
Author: Myra McEntire
Rating: 4/5

Thanks to EgmontUSA via Netgallery for allowing me to read this book before the official publication.

One second everything was just fine for Kaleb, the next everything changes. It does when he sees Jack, the man who tried to kill his father. But just as quickly as he sees him, he is gone again. Now Kaleb wants to find Jack and stop him from messing with time (and probably take revenge for trying to kill his father). Along with his friends from Hourglas, an unforgetable and dangerous journey begins.

Okay, time-traveling is confusing me. I recommend that you re-read the first book before you catch up with Timepiece. I think it's what I should have done, because at some points I was lost. Especially in the beginning. Perhaps it's because Myra doesn't re-cap too much what happened in Hourglass, the first book. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, though one could think that. No, actually I am glad she doesn't repeat too much what happened in the first book. Some authors aren't good with that. You read a second or a third book and you already know everything that happened in the former book, yet the author seems to write the whole story again. Not good, so I was glad Myra didn't do that.

However, what I basically wanted to say above was that I'm not into time-traveling at all. I'm also afraid to read Tempest by Julie Cross, because I believe it will leave me lost and confused at the end. Not just because I want to read it in English and that isn't my first language. No, I bet I also wouldn't understand the whole thing in German. I'm glad I understood Timepiece, yet I still don't know what to think about this whole "let's change the past"-thing, even if that doesn't come from the main characters, who just live their lifes in the here and now. I know it's the main point of this book and it's surprising I rated it with four stars though I'm not into time-traveling. I don't understand myself either, but I guess it's just the whole story and the plot and the writing that makes me love this book as much as I do. Which is a lot, by the way.

The romance is another difficult theme in this book. I LOVE Kaleb. Seriously, he is one of my favourite male characters of all the time. I wanted him to get together with Em in the first book. I still want that, but my dreams aren't meant to be heard when it comes to that. So in this book you have to read about Kaleb and Lily, who is Em's best friend. That is so cliché, isn't it? I was surprised to find an ordinary match as that here, but it didn't do the book itself any harm. Their scenes were nice and lovely, but I just don't see them as a couple.

Yet I'm not sure if I would be happy if Em and Kaleb got together too. Confusing, I know. But somehow Emerson changed. Maybe it's because Timepiece is written in Kaleb's point of view (I have to thank Myra McEntire for that! You rock!) and Hourglass was written from Em's. I felt more connected with her in the first book and now in the second, I didn't feel connected with her at all. Her life and problems are told, I get that, but I still think she just changed. I can't even describe it, you just have to read it and eventually you will feel the same.

Anything else I can say? Oh, yes. Let's write a few sentences about Kaleb and not just about his romance with Lily, because there is also so much more to him. You see that in this book. He is struggling with so much and that makes his character so much more real. It's heartbreaking, I tell you. When you read about his mother, who is in "coma" and his father and how Kaleb thinks Michael (Emerson's boyfriend) means much more to his dad than he does, it makes you feel sorry for Kaleb. He is acting like a tough guy and a womanizer, but really he has so much to deal with and I really liked that he wasn't described as this typical bad guy.

I'm sorry if this review isn't the kind of review you would prefer. I can't say so much about the characters, they are all great. I can also add that this book is exciting with Kaleb and Lily's search (I should probably add Em and Michael too, but Kaleb and Lily did most of the work) and it's really difficult to put at down. (At some points I felt miserable that I had to.) I recommend this book to everyone, especially those who couldn't get enough of Hourglass. Myra McEntire has created another piece of art and it's beautiful!

I'm not sure if I should give this book four or three point five stars. It's tough for me to decide that. Since this series is very interesting, I decide to give it four points. :) Also, I am looking forward for more!