Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Teach Me - R.A. Nelson

Title: Teach Me
Author: R.A. Nelson
Rating: 3.5/5

For Carolina "Nine" it's not that hard to earn the good grades while everyone else seem to have their mind on else what but school. Then something cuts her off aswell. Not that much something as someone: her English teacher Mr. Mann. The way he talks like he truly believes what he says and the way he seems to understand her point of views, she just can't help but fall for him. She doesn't even know how it happens, but suddenly Caroline and Mr. Mann are having this huge affair that nobody else knows about and can't. He always confesses how much he loves her, but why does he break things off so quick one day?

This is my first teacher/student book and I really, really liked it. It took a while for me to get into that book but then it just clicked.

Carolina loves Richard (Mr. Mann) so much, it's horrible. Horrible in a good way, I mean. It's heartbreaking that things went as they did. I admit, sometimes she appeared like some kind of freak and stalker person. She seemed really obsessed with Mr. Mann after his decision not to keep their relationship going. I didn't really understand why she was that obsessed. Of course, she is a teenager and they feel things differently and perhaps a little stronger than adults. So the grief is stronger for them aswell. Though, to me it never seemed that Mr. mann was THAT into her. She should have relaxed a bit, 'cause some things she did, just crossed an invisible line. But those things also made her appear more real. I liked the parts with her best friend. He is so cute!

Mr. Mann is the bad guy here! If there had been a pont of view from his side I'd think different about it maybe, but I doubt it. As I said he didn't seem to be into her that much, which is quite sad. Also, I couldn't understand his reasons. I would have loved to spit in his face by the time I finished this book. Yet I liked his character in the beginning.

Teach Me was the first novel by R.A. Nelson that I read and I liked it a lot! He has this special way to express things with his writing, so I'm gonna keep track with his other books, I guess. The ending isn't open and yet it isn't 'closed' either. You can wish for your favourite ending yourself and I know what's mine. Some last words: I loved the story and I want more books like that! Recommended to everyone who likes books that are nothing like you expected and are exciting to read.

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