Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Lust (Seven Deadly Sins #01) - Robin Wasserman

Title: Lust (Seven Deadly Sins #01)
Author: Robin Wasserman
Rating: 3/5

My rating might seem low, but this book was actually really good. I won't compare it to any other similar series, since I'm quite of sick reading all these comments that compare this series to Gossip Girl. Seriously, teenage drama is teenage drama. All are the same, not just one that copies the other.

I was surprised that this book was "big". I mean there are seven books of it, so I'm impressed that Robin Wasserman really wrote 229 pages. Nice.

The main part of the story is that everybody wants everybody else (explains why it's called Lust) and I found myself excited about finding out who wants who and who gets who. For example: There is Adam. He is in love with his girlfriend Beth and yet he finds hiself drawn to Kaia, the new girl at school who is, by the way, my least favourite character in this book. That's just because I don't like girls like her. Harper prefers hook ups but is secretly crushing on Adam. Beth friend's think she slept with Adam long time ago and yet she is still a virgin, fearing that Adam might break up anytime soon. Miranda's got a crush on Kane, but he wants everybody but her to make out with. I'm a little sad that Miranda's story isn't such a big part here, same with Kane. The main characters are Harper and Adam and probably Beth as well.

I'd recommend this book to whoever wants to have a nice fresh read and likes teenage dramas. I liked this book, it was great and that's why I'm going to read the other six books too.

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