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The Coven (Wicca / Sweep #02) - Cate Tiernan

Title: The Coven (Wicca / Sweep #02)
Author: Cate Tiernan
Rating: 3/5

So many hateable characters in the second book, oh no!

Morgan Rowlands is a powerful blood witch. No way denying that, it's undeniable and even Morgan has to face that. But how can she possibly be a blood witch if her parents aren't? There's only one logical explanation: She must have been adopted. Along with her boyfriend and coven member Cal she tries to get some information. She never expected that the truth might change her life.

Good thing: For the first time in my life I am happy with the first matched couple in a book. Normally, I like the second matched couple better or wish for two to come together who'd never ever make a couple. So plus point for that!

"You're the kind of girl that you don't notice is beautiful until you get real close. And then all of a sudden it hits you" he whispered "And you think. Goddess, make her mine ."
I absolutely love Cal. Seriously, he is so damn cute and sweet and romantic. Why can't real boys be like that? So unfair! There are some parts where I thought: "Morgan, watch it! He just likes you because you're a witch." I'm scared of what's to come up next.

I also start to like Robbie a little more, but he seems to have a crush on Bree. So not understandable and forgivable at all. I'm not sure if I ever disliked a character as much as I do with Bree. I mean, I like that Cate created her but she is such a bitch. Why would Morgan ever want to be a friend with someone like her?!

I don't know what else to say. Not sure if it's better than the first one. I like them both so much. But this one was a better read for me because I loved those Cal parts. So, much more romantic in this book. There's more adventure here and cate takes you on a fabulous reading trip. I'd recommend it anytime, to any fans of Charmed and other paranormal shows. It has so much high school sparks and yet so many mysterious and dark parts aswell. Just great!

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