Montag, 28. November 2011

The Sky Is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson

Title: The Sky Is Everywhere
Author: Jandy Nelson
Rating: 4/5

How do you deal with your sister's death? That is the main question for Lennie, whose sister Bailey died a couple of weeks ago. Lennie always looked up to her sister and now she is just gone. Who should lead the way now? She feels like she's lost. When Toby, Bailey's boyfriend, shows up, Lennie and he immediately feel comforted by the other one's present. He might be the only one who really understands what's going on inside of Len. But then there is this new guy Joe, who seems too good to be true. Feelings grow and feelings fade and in the end Lennie has got to make the right decision, not just the one out of pain.

Oh, I loved this book! I don't know what took me so long to finally read it. It was better than I expected, though I really didn't have any expectations for this book.

Actually, I'm not that into books where someone just died and you don't know how to deal with the grief and the pain. But with this book it just felt right to me. The story is really great and the characters are so real and honest. Lovely.

Whenever I read a book that includes a love triangle, I instantly know which guy or girl I prefer. It was very difficult for me here. In the beginning I liked Toby better, but then it seemed to me that he just wanted Lennie to be Bailey. Like he had this image of his girlfriend inside his head and couldn't see the real Len through that. I felt so sorry for her when I thought like that. I mean, he seemed quite hot, yeah, but then again you think: "Jerk, back off! You don't deserve her!" It was a decision out of grief, I understand that, but I wished for him to truly love how Len was.

On the other hand there is Joe. I don't like that name, because I always think of a mid-thirty rocker guy (perhaps because there is a guy in a German show whose name is Joe and is a mid-thirty rocker guy :P), but nevermind. He was that gorgeous guy that suddenly comes around the corner and you just want him and Lennie to kiss and live happily ever after already. It's a little more complicated with this guy though. His ex-girlfriend betrayed him, poor guy, and he never ever wants to feel like that again. Honestly, you just wait for him to cry or freak out or something. For me, he was a little too smooth, but I loved his character anyway. He was just as crazy from his thoughts as Lennie.

Now the main character Lennie. Well, I haven't got a lot to say. I liked her, but I was a little annoyed by her obsession about Bailey sometimes. Maybe because I just don't relate to that since I don't have any sisters or brothers. I wouldn't want to know her pain though. Her grandma was a little bit too harsh with her I think. Saying she was selfish and pretened like she was the only one who had a hard time. I never got the impression that Lennie was selfish. All she ever thought about was Bailey and if she could ever forgive her, if she even watched over her and all that. Since I'm an athetist, this wasn't a part for me either.

Though there are some points I didn't like or didn't relate to, I loved this book very much. The writing is really beautiful and the story itself also makes you think. It sounds weird, but I even dreamed about the story when I went to sleep and wasn't finished with the book yet. Whenever that happens I know that I've found a real beauty. I hope to read more from Jandy Nelson very soon.

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  1. I so loved this book! <3 <3 I think is really good and also well written! Lennie's poems were so epic!