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Looking For Alaska - John Green

Title: Looking For Alaska
Author: John Green
Rating: 3/5

"I whispered, 'Do you want to be my girlfriend?' And she said, 'Yes please,' and smiled." - Miles to Lara

Miles Halter isn't much of a popular guy. In order to change that, he decides to go to a boarding school in Alabama. What he didn't expect was that a girl like Alaska could turn his world upside down. His new friend and roommate Chip, known as the Colonel, warns him. Things with Alaska would never be what Miles imagined. She is acting strange sometimes, yet Miles still want her. But then everything changes and Miles has to face that remembering last people's words isn't always an advantage.

My summary basically sucks. It's really tough to describe this book anyway. Tried my best.

John Green, what can I say? It's not that I didn't like this book, I did. But I assume I'm just not that into all these we're-all-so-mortal-books.

What I liked the most was the fact that John Green has a great point of view for me here: A boy admitting his love to a girl without having slept with her yet. I loved that, because in a lot of other books, you always read the boy admitting his love after they slept together or they sleep together and he never admits his love. I don't like the idea of that. It's simple: Whether you love someone or not. Why should you wait that long to tell the person of your dreams? What's to fear? Enough said now, just wanted to make clear that I liked it.

Miles, Lara and Chip are my favourite characters here. Chip pretends to be that super cool guy, though he actually can be sensitive too. I imagined to hear Lara's accent through the book. I bet she is a cute little girl and you'd never expect her to do some naughty things. Not even sneaking out at night or something. And then there is Miles. I wanted to hug him and comfort him, but sometimes he has those weird point of views (I'm using the sentence point of view too often!). At least he respects women and he also seems really cute. Gosh, I'm out of words lately.

The idea of this so called labyrinth was tempting to me. Probably because I think about life that way sometimes too. I caught myself thinking about the things the characters are taught in class. And I agree with them - when you're older you just hope to find the way out of that labyrinth and a great firework waiting for you, saying you made it. And then you'll look behind and see the people you left there and the memories are fading away until they are PUFF! gone. So, this book makes you think about life and the journey of life.

I could say how I wished for different things to happen in Looking For Alaska, but I like it as it is and I'm happy John Green wrote it like that. The way he thought was right and it is. Some parts made me want to smile, some made me really sad and when I closed my eyes, I pictured the story perfectly. So, even though I gave this book three stars only, those are good three stars. I'm looking forward to read other books by John Green. Those are my final words. I wonder if Miles would remember them. :P

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