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The Day Before - Lisa Schroeder

Title: The Day Before
Author: Lisa Schroeder
Rating: 3.5/5

Distraction: That's what Amber needs. A little something that takes all her thoughts away, even if it's just for a short period of time. Amber decides to drive to the beach for just one day only. She would have never assumed that this trip and the guy she meets during that, Cade, might change everything she used to believe in.

This book is very . . . poetic. I never read anything like this before, but I liked it very much. There is a good balance between reading about the things happening in Amber's life and the romance between her and Cade, which is, by the way, adorable in so many ways.

Once you understand what this book is about you can totally relate with Amber and understand her actions and her choices. I also really liked this whole "close your eyes, taste the flavor and I'll tell you what kind of person you are" thing. Maybe because I believe it's true too.

I would have never guessed Cade's reasons for taking a day off. I was shocked when he told Amber but touched at the same time. He is a good person and I can see why Amber fell for him in the first place. Both characters have a story of their own, but that doesn't mean their stories can't match. In fact, they do.

I liked this book a lot. It makes you want to believe in destiny, because you really want to believe that's just how Amber and Cade could have met - it's their destiny. And I'm also glad that they don't see their romance as this one-day-only-and-then-run-off thing. It's the real thing, you can feel that while reading The Day Before.

Though I always find it a little risky to write about life and life choices and all that, this book really had me. Nice stuff! The only thing that I regret is not reading this during a summer night. That would have matched so perfectly.

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