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The One That I Want - Jennifer Echols

Title: The One That I Want
Author: Jennifer Echols
Rating: 3.5/5

Gemma doesn't have much expierence when it comes to boys. But when a guy like Max flirts with you, it's something you notice, right? Well, obviously it's not, because otherwise he wouldn't date her "best friend" Addison. The more time Gemma spends with them and Max's best friend Carter, the more she feels drawn to Max. Too bad she has got to keep her nose clean.

Oh, oh, oh. Perfect literature for girls. I've only read Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols, and I can't decide which book I like more. While Going Too Far had more aspects of an adult novel, The One That I Want reminds me of good old teenage shows like Lizzie McGuire. Don't we all miss the good old days?

I loved Gemma! (And I love the name Gemma itself) It was good to read about a girl who had issues with her looks and her weight and even though she was pretty rich, she couldn't buy herself friends and attention with that. Well, she had attention when she lost weight, but they couldn't really see her as what she wanted to be seen. That's why she stayed with Addison, the most horrible bitch I've ever read of I think. I'm still happy that Jennifer created a character like hers. Honestly, it's always good to read about mean people. You may not be sure of that, but you get all mad inside and I think that is what a book makes you want to read it on and on aswell. You want to know if that mean girl will end up in a trash bin, which she'd totally deserve. Just saying... Everybody knows a girl like Addison and sometimes I couldn't believe my eyes. Her comments were just eww. I wanted to wake up Gemma and tell her to tell Addison to screw off. I can understand that nobody wants to be lonely and have no friends, but seriously, that is no reason to stay with such a mean friend, if you can even call it a friend. I think you can not.

Carter is just like Addison in a male version. I couldn't stand him at all. This whole thing about being better than Max, or being better than anyone at all, it really annoyed me. Can't someone just once be happy with the life and things they have? I guess not.

And now, the wonderful and gorgeous Max. He was amazing! Alright, sometimes I didn't understand his acts and when he explained why he did certain things the way he did in the end, I almost wanted to scream at him, because I also want just once a guy to show and tell a girl how they feel. Not wait a whole life time for the right moment or never even tell her at all. Things like that only question love and that is never a good thing. I loved how he wanted to teach Gemma those life lessons, though he wasn't much older than her but pretend to be so much wiser. And I also loved how he and Gemma had those moments when they couldn't help but laugh over something funny that nobody else got right. Real connection here.

I loved this book a lot! I wasn't sure if this was something for me, but it totally was. The only thing I was really sad about was that there weren't so many scenes with Robert. He seemed like a really good friend, though that was different in the beginning. And Delilah was a really nice girl too. I could definitely see her and Gemma being best friends forever.

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