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Alexander Death (The Paranormals #03) - J.L. Bryan

Title: Alexander Death (The Paranormals #03)
Author: J.L. Bryan
Rating: 4/5

Even though Jenny hardly knows him, Alexander is the person she trusts the most right now. He rescued her from the police, so that has to mean something. He is not her opposite, yet she can't help feel drawn to him. Perhaps also because Alexander helps her to remember some of their past lives and their deep connection back then.
In the meantime Seth is trying his best to find Jenny, which isn't the simplest task since Dr. Reynard seems to discover their secret.
It's time for the final battle between the good and the bad.

Eww. What a dumb summary of mine.

I can't believe it's over now. I loved this series so, so much. I think Alexander Death was the weakest book in the series, but I loved it anyways.

In the third book you first notice how deep the love of Jenny and Seth really is. I mean, you noticed it before but that was more like a typical first love thing. Now you truly understand that they belong together and what being the opposite for someone really means.

Though, I've got to confess that my favourite couple in the whole series was Tommy and Esmeralda. Or even Pedro and Esmeralda. Too bad Pedro is just a normal human :/ But wait! That means I can have him, right? :D I would have liked to read more of him.

So, Ashleigh is still in posession of Esmeralda's body, which really annoys me actually. Perhaps because I can't stand Ashleigh. Who could anyway? She is such a bitch and manipulates everyone around her. I'm surprised that she didn't find a way to rule the world during her past lives. Should have been easy for someone like her to get to that goal. Whatever.

Tommy doesn't really take any side in this fight. It seems as if he is on the bad side, but all he actually wants is Esmeralda and since she is on the bad side, because she is Ashlegh right now, he thinks that Jenny and Seth are the bad guys here.

Alright, so why on earth does Alexander have to disappoint me so damn much? I don't want to spoil anything, but you'll eventually figure out that he is not who he pretends to be. This crazy plan he is following, I still can't believe it. I don't even know what else to write, because I would spoil so much and I don't want to do that. To say a good thing, at least just one, I liked him in the beginning. That has to be enough positive stuff I said about him now :P

I don't know what should say about Seth and Jenny, really. They didn't change, they are still the main characters and they still want peace for everyone, which seems still absurd since Jenny's power is to hurt and kill people. But with Seth by her side it seems like a good power somehow. Doesn't make much sense I know.

Two small final confessions: #01. I don't like Heather Reynard, though I don't know why, but I'm not much into reading point of views from cops or even just doctors sides. That doesn't fit into teen paranormal books for me. But that's just how I see it. Heather's view was important for the books anyway. You wouldn't have understood some things otherwise. #02. I love Kisa! She is so adorable and I'm so sad that there wasn't much of her here.

As I said - I'm sad it ended, but the ending is good and I am happy that I read this fabulous series!

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