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A Season Of Eden - J.M. Warwick

Title: A Season Of Eden 
Author: J.M. Warwick 
Rating: 4/5

Eden is willing to step beyond the line. She just can't help it. She is feeling things for James and even the fact that he is her music teacher doesn't make her want him less. And he is also just four years older than her. Four years is nothing really, is it? There is something flickering in Mr. Christian's eyes that makes her hope. Prays be heard when they meet at public places. Of course, no one can know about them being that close.  Soon Eden realizes that music isn't the only thing she can learn about when she's with him.

What a crappy summary, but I'm still overthinking what I just read. WOW. It was in my "dying to read"-shelf and now I also know why. J.M. Warwick created a raw diamond here.

I'm not much into Eden's attitude. Hooking up with boys, dumping them before they dump you and all that. But hey! Everybody does what everybody thinks is right. When she dumped Matt I felt a little sorry for him. That didn't last a long time though. He was just as Eden. (He's never been dumped by a girl before.) While I guess for some it seemed like she was obsessed with Mr. Christian, I thought she was actually growing into a teenage girl that falls in love head over heels. I think of Mr. Christian to be her first, honest, big love. The way she thinks about him is cute and every girl will see themselves in that. Of course it's exciting to read about their "relationship" growing and all that, but it also felt real. You don't want them to break up or even fight. You just want them to be together. The sooner, the better.

I bet James felt so insecure when he got his job at this school. I mean he is twenty-two. I never had a teacher that young. Not even close. James is really shy and you can't help but adore him as a matter of fact. I wouldn't have minded a hint from his point of views, but that's my personal wish speaking there, so just ignore that. You picture him playing the piano as J.M. Warwick describes he does. It's kind of a fresh thing to read about someone who is not into rap music and all that, but rather stays at all these classical songs. I wouldn't want to sing stuff like that if I joined a choir though. When I found out he still lived with his mother I was a little shocked. Not quite that turn on, huh? His mother is a lovely person anyway.

Still, I'm asking myself how they both got through the time before the graduation. Those who read this book already will know what I mean. Seeing the other one and remembering everything that happened, without being able to help yourself but wonder what it'd feel like again but you just don't do it. You just leave it like that and pretend like there wasn't a connection at all. Tough one.

One more thing, I really couldn't stand Stacey. And to be honest, I wasn't much of fan of Eden's dad either. No father should choose a woman over his own daughter. (I know what I am talking about, believe me.) And Stacey taking things that belonged to Eden's mom, oh well, excuse me but what a bitch! I'm glad that Eden's dad somehow saw that he was mistreating his daughter. Better late than never.

This was my second teacher/student book and I loved it even more than the first one I read, which was Teach Me by R.A. Nelson. I assume it has to do with the fact that this book wrote during the romance going on and not giving you a look on how it ended and why. At least that's not the main point. I like that the ending is opened up to you and your dream ending. If it ended bad or good, I know I would have had my issues with that. So, of course I wanted a happy ending, but now I can think of one myself. Glad that J.M. Warwick left that up to us readers. Amazing book!

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