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We'll Always Have Summer (Summer #03) - Jenny Han

Title: We'll Always Have Summer (Summer #03) 
Author: Jenny Han
Rating: 3/5

Belly and Jeremiah have been a couple for two years now. Belly always thought that everything was perfect between them and they could be honest with each other, but then she finds out that Jeremiah cheated on her during spring break. And even though he should hate him, no matter how many times he'll apologise, she says yes when he proposes to her all of a sudden. The wedding is set for August and they find theirselves back in Cousin where everything between them (and also between Belly and Jeremiah's brother Conrad) began. With him also back on board, Belly has to figure out what and who she more disires.

Okay, uhm... Least favourite book of the series to be honest. It's not that I didn't like it, it's just that I wished for a different ending and some things to happen differently. Jere, Jere, Jere. You really disappointed me here. While his character was my favourite in first two books, Jenny Han made him appear as the bad boy in this one. He cheated on Belly... Seriously? He claimed to love her so much in the second book and now I should believe that he changed his mind for the short week of a spring break? Unlikly. He was so different in the other books, I don't want to accept him the way Jen pictures him in We'll Always Have Summer. I just won't! I'll pretend like I never even read the lines that said he cheated. Pretend to never have read the phrases in which it seemed like he only wanted to marry her, so she'd finally sleep with him. As if that is all you expect from a relationship. Old drama, baby.

I'm not sure what to think of all this. I really don't know. Belly loved both brothers her whole life. She was with Conrad and now she's with Jeremiah. Hmm.. I assume she only said yes to the proposal because she knew that if she said no, things would get worse. But what's worse than cheating on someone? God, again I ask myself why Jeremiah would do something like that. Also the beginning seemed to take off so fast and then it just went on and on and on. While you read the first few pages, you get a lot of information that your brain has to deal with (Including the fact that someone as honest as Jeremiah seemed to be, cheated on the love of his life Belly. I really need to stop it now!) 

Taking those thoughts aside, I was a little annoyed by how Belly doesn't really know what she wants. If she would have been honest about her feelings and just took a little time off to actually understand those feelings, there wouldn't have been such a mess. Though that mess is perhaps exactly what was so fascinating in the first two books. This time you get a front row seat inside of Conrad's head and can see the things happening in Cousins through his eyes. Well, I liked that, as I always like it when you read a boy's view of things, but I didn't buy it. He loves Belly, I get that, but saying she was the only one he ever loved ten on a rating of ten. Again that seems very unreal to me. I'm probably being a little too critical here, I know. It's just that I really wanted an awesome last book, and I didn't get it. Don't get me wrong, I liked it anyways. Why am I explaining myself? Three stars is still good.

From the first book on I always kind of knew it would end this way. I wasn't the only one with that intuition, I guess. I hoped for another ending though, even if I can't think of another ending myself either. Maybe that's why it ended like it ended, but people would now tell me that it ended like this because it was meant to be. Uhm, whatevery. So again, I don't say this book was bad. It was not! I don't really know what I expected or what I wished for, but I'm glad that Jenny Han knew what she wanted and wrote that book. I had a great time by reading this series, so thank you Jenny for that! If there is one place I'd like to visit now, it's definitely a magical place like Cousins. :)

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