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Heartbitten - Aubrey Rose

Title: Heartbitten
Author: Aubrey Rose
Rating: 3.5 - 4/5

Thanks to NetGallery and Fido Publishing for letting me receive a digital copy of this book.

Robb has lost a very important person in his early life - Eliza. He lost her because the vampires took him and made him become one too. Now, a hundred years later, he finds himself torn between giving love a new chance, having Liz in his life, who a virgin on top of it all, and the costs that come along by being a vampire.

Liz puts all of her focus on her work. She loves her job, and if Jenny wouldn't drag her, she'd never willingly go to a party. She's not much of a party person, let alone searching looking for a relationship. But then she meets Robb Chatham who is too goodlooking for his own good. Will she still lust after him when she finds out about his secret?

Please ignore the sypnoses, as always. I'm not good at writing them.

Do you know these moments when you browse through a book website and find one that captures your attention by the sypnosis so bad, you want to read it immediately? That's what happened to me when I found Heartbitten on NetGallery. I was browsing though the different sections of genres and found Heartbitten. There was part of a conversation between Liz and Robb and I fell in love. I wanted to have that book. You can imagine how happy I was, when I actually received it.

Usually, I prefer to read books written in first person. I can't seem to relate to third person that well. But forget it! Aubrey Rose's writing is too perfect to complain. She's one of my new favourite authors, a new rulemodel when it comes to writing.

I adored Liz and Robb's characters. Their feelings and intentions were described perfectly, leaving nothing to the imagination.

What I missed though was the story of Robb, how he became a vampire. We only know that they took him, but we don't know what happened then. Or is my English that bad and I didn't understand it, missed reading that scene? If so, I am very sorry. I was too excited about the romance between Liz and Robb. And oh God! That romance. I totally loved it.

My favourite scene... I know, no one's interested in reading about that, but I want to mention it anyway. I had lots of favourite scenes, but my very very favourite was when Liz thought she had discovered Robb's secret and it was a total misunderstanding, turning into a disaster. She was so supportive and all cute about convincing him it was all okay. She hadn't expected that. Love, love, love that scene!

Sometimes, it was hard for me to understand the biological and chemistry language in this book. But that's just because English isn't my mother-tongue. Oh, and I really don't know why this book is titled as New Adult. Robb clearly isn't a new adult and Liz... She may be a virgin, but she is acting like a real grown-up.

I don't want to give away too much. I really loved the book and I am glad to have found such a talented author through NetGallery. Thanks for that. I really hope for a sequel to Heartbitten, because I'd love to read more about those two lovebirds. A book about Jenny, or even Thad (though I really didn't like the guy) would be nice too. Just give me more, Aubrey. Do it, do it, do it! I'm begging you. Pleaseeeee!

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