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Til Death (Fractured Souls #01) - Kate Evangelista

Title: Til Death (Fractured Souls #01)
Author: Kate Evangelista
Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to NetGallery and Entangled Teen for giving me the chance to read this book before the official release date.
Sixteen-year old Selena Fallon is a dreamer. Not a day-dreamer, but an I-see-the-future kind of dreamer. Normally this is not a problem as she has gotten pretty good at keeping her weird card hidden from everyone in her small town. Except from her best friend Kyle and her grandparents, of course. But when Selena dreams of her own rather bloody death, things get a little too freaky even for her.

Enter Dillan Sloan. Selena has seen the new guy in a different dream, and he is even more droolworthy in person. Beyond the piercing blue eyes and tousled dark hair, there is something else that draws her to him. Something…electric. Unfortunately, Dillan makes it more than clear that he does not feel the same. They just met, so why would he act like he hates her?

When Dillan and Selena are forced together one weekend to work on a school project, Selena prepares to be ignored as usual. But when she stumbles across a few undead in the backyard, Dillan comes to her rescue and reveals a whole lot more. Not only is he part of a society that hunts otherworldly creatures…she is too. And she is being targeted by a force bigger and darker than anything she ever imagined. Despite her death dream, Selena is not going to give up easy, especially when she discovers that Dillan might not actually hate her after all.
Thought it was better to stick with the blurb on Goodreads for this one too. I couldn't bring myself to write one.

I found the writing for this one incredibly exciting. When you read Dillan's point of view, it's written in third person. Selena's point of view is written in first person. I think I've never read anything like that, and I found myself liking it this way. It was very interesting.

Selena's point of view focuses on the 'normal' life more, I'd say. Well, it's what she's used to anyway, so it makes sense. When I was reading her parts, I felt like I was reading a casual teenage novel and when it came down to Dillan's point of view, I was thrown into this paranomal world. Selena has those parts too, but Dillan's universe is all about that. The two had different voices, so to speak, I don't know how to put it. I think it's awesome, you could never mix those two up.

I absolutely loved reading about Dillian being haunted by Katarina. I can't wait to see how that ends... Oh, I don't want to spoil, gaaaah! I've just got to be patient, yes, I know.

I also think that Kate Evangelista is a master of writing cliffhangers. You always find yourself wanting more and more. I want the second book now, please! :D See, I want more already. You'll see why once you finish the book.

Short sentences for the other characters in this book. I felt so sorry for Bowen somehow. I absolutely loved Kyle. I found Dillan's uncle a bit strange. I'd like to read more about Penny.

The only thing that confused me was how everyone seemed to have secrets and be mysterious in their own ways.

You can read this book whether you're into paranomal stuff or not. See it as a bonus if you like. Clearly, it'd be better if you're a bit interested in that kind of genre, but this book's also something for all those you will read just any young adult book.

Some of my questions are still unanswered, so I'll definitely pick up book number two!

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