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How We Lived (Remembering Kyle #01) - Erin Butler

Title: How We Lived (Remembering Kyle #01)
Author: Erin Butler
Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks to NetGallery and Entangled Publishing (Embrace) for giving me a chance to read this before the official release.
Nineteen-year-old Kelsey Larkin’s parents uninvited her to her brother’s funeral. She just wanted to wear jeans and a T-shirt—the clothes Kyle would’ve wanted her in—not wrap herself up in death. So she watched the funeral from afar, like an outsider. Which is just how she feels.

Chase came, though, just like she knew he would. Until a few months ago, the three of them had been best friends, and then Chase made a mistake that shattered both families. But when Kelsey looks at him, she doesn’t see her brother’s killer. She sees the boy next door who’s always taken care of her. She sees home.

When Chase tells her his feelings run deeper than friendship, she can’t help but get lost in him. In Chase, she finally has the closure she’s been unable to find anywhere else. But the boy she’s falling in love with is still hiding secrets about the night Kyle died. Secrets that could destroy everything they have…again.
I am currently not able to go online via computer, so I have to keep the review 'short'. That's why it took so long to copy the review to Goodreads - my internet is too slow to load a lot of things. I'm sorry for sticking with the official sypnosis.

I can safely say - I loved this book to pieces! I chatted with Erin Butler via Twitter while I read it, telling her this book was the only good thing happening during the move we're currently in.

It's always sad to read about loss, especially a loss of someone the main character loved very much. I was so sad and grieved for Kelsey, but when Chase came into the picture I felt hope. I wanted to slap both of them a couple of times - they both had their strange sides and their lovely sides. Gosh, I suck so bad at writing this review. I am sorry Erin.

You know, the strange thing is, I didn't blame Chase for Kyle's death either. If this was real life and I wouldn't see Kelsey point of view, I probably might have blamed Chase. But with both their point of views, I wanted everybody else to see the good Chase, the one who cared and who was sexy and the one who would do anything for the ones close to him. Gaaaah! I want a Chase! Bake one!

Even funnier, I picked this book up randomly. I browsed through NetGallery and it sounded nice, so I requested it. I am so damn glad I got accepted. I wouldn't want to miss to have read this masterpiece. I think everyone else should, too. It's one of my favourite reads this year, and definitely in my guilty pleasure shelf (the best shelf) on Goodreads. I can't wait to order a physical copy. A beauty like this has to appear in my book shelf. Like, immeditaley. I wish I could undo reading this book and read it all over again, not knowing what to expect.

I'm sorry for not describing the characters. I'll say it like this: You'll love Chase. You'll want a Chase. And you'll find yourself being Kelsey, not just reading about a foreign girl. You will hate Kelsey's mom, both of her parents, and you will fall in love with Chase's mother and his friend Vito.

How We Lived is spectacular (I have to use that word, because I don't know how to spell the actual one I want to use haha)! I'm telling the truth when I say I compare it to a raw diamond - so beautiful. It involves everything a good book should. And I really recommend it to fans of The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, and One Moment by Kristina McBride.

I love you Erin Butler. Please write more books - I can't wait to read more of your writing. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: As a wanna-be writer (I'm talking about me, if you haven't figured) I admire the way Erin Butler writes. I wish I could write like that.

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