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New Girl - Paige Harbison

Title: New Girl
Author: Paige Harbison
Rating: 3/5

Becca Normandy. That's the name of a student that went missing at Manderley Academy last year. This year, I'm the new student, and everyone is comparing me to Becca, especially when they assume I am interested in Max, who obviously belongs with Becca. What ever happened to her anyway and why is everyone making such a big secret of it?

"Should I really read this?" That's the main question I asked myself before I started this. Because of my 'reading first set of books in 2013 by alphabet'-challenge, I had to pick a book with the letter 'N'. After thinking it through (for like, three seconds) I decided to give New Girl a try. I love the cover (the blue one) and the story sounded nice as well. So why not?!

Probably because after reading this, I still don't know what to think of it. It was nice, it was bad. It had its moments, it had bad moments. It had everything and that was maybe a little too much to ask for.

You read this, thinking it involves a love triangle, but it does not. Probably from Becca's point of view, but not from the other. There's only Max for her. And let me tell you that Max is a typical boy character, you fall for. No reason to be ashamed, it happens to everyone of us. If you actually decide to read this book and not stop in the middle or somewhere else. I don't like putting books aside and give up reading them. It's not in my blood, I think. If I was a author (I write my own books, but none published yet), I wouldn't want readers to give up on my books too.

Back to New Girl. I can't say a lot about the characters. Okay, that is probably untrue. I can - I just don't want to. I hated Becca, I can tell you that much. She was a total bitch and I honestly think, she should have gotten help. What was wrong with her brain and her mind? She made me really angry. I couldn't stand her at all. Whenever it was time for her point of view, I was like: "NOOOOO! Please not!" I read them anyway.

This book seems to want to be seen as something between a chick-read and a horror-psycho-story. When a girl is missing and you don't know what happened to her, that's just always a little horrifying, isn't it? And I don't know why, but New Girl reminded me of the TV series Harper's Island. Perhaps because of the referrings to sea or lake or whatever it was. When I think of Manderley Academy, I think of an Island. Weird, huh?

It's a riddle to me how Dana (Becca's former roommate and now "new girl's") could keep a secret for so long. She was also a character that drove me mad. The way she always screamed around and seemed to freak. I think her and Becca could have been twin sisters. Bitchy twin sisters, I might add. I really don't know why there is such a strong dislike for the characters in this book.

I liked Max and Johnny, though when I was finished with this book, I asked myself why they didn't do anything. Why they let themselves treat the way Becca did. I couldn't understand it, but I guess I don't have to.

What really scared me is that I noticed not even once, that "new girl" didn't have a name. Nobody called her by her name during the book. I am sorry if this appears as a spoiler to you now, but it really scared me. So easy not to notice something was missing. You get to know her name by the end, though.

I am sorry if my review isn't much of a help when it comes to the decision if you should read it or not. I think you should. It takes a while 'til you get into the story, but it's nice and not as bad as reviews say. It's not my favourite read either, but I am glad I picked it up and did stick with it.

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