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Beta (Annex #01) - Rachel Cohn

Title: Beta (Annex #01)
Author: Rachel Cohn
Rating: 4/5

Elysia is a Beta created in human's paradise Demesne, and only exists with one goal: Serve and work for humans. Once bought by a woman and her family, Elysia should be just like every other clone: Soulless and not having an own mind. Yet, somehow she wants to learn things and have thoughts. Only then, she is seeken by memories of her First, Z, though she knows that is not something that should happen. Afraid to be thrown away as a Deffect, she keeps her secret. But what will happen if people find out?

It's pretty rare that a book impresses me right from the start. This one did and I am already fangirling about it. I regret not picking it up sooner. I loved it!

Meet Elysia and read how she 'grows'. In the beginning you assume she is cold, 'cause after all she is a clone. Yet, when you continue reading the story, you learn the opposite. You actually forget that she is programmed and everything. You read the story like she is a real girl (and a very charming one too. Happens not all too often that I like the female main characters). If sometimes there weren't hints and flashbacks about how she's is just a clone, you would oversee that. At least I did. You like her even more and more and feel her pain also. You want to scream, you want to cry, you want to laugh, you want to crawl into this book and comfort her. It's heartbreaking. Seriously.

When I started the book, I liked the family she got in. Sure, the family seemed a little strange and not very loving, but I didn't feel like they wanted her to be their slave or anything. I liked that. After some events that you will read about too, however I couldn't stand them anymore. If there is anyone out there who did - please write me and tell me why, because I can't see how that is possible.

A little spoiler-ish: I really assumed that she would end up with Ivan at first. I actually liked him, especially while reading the first meeting between him, his sister and Elysia, you know, the pool scene. They seemed so happy and it was so cute. It was all family-like, but I couldn't help but see that there might be more to it. Too bad.

Tahir... Oh, Tahir. You make all the girls go "aww". And yes, I include myself. You are awesome, boy! Rachel Cohn created a very, very nice guy with him. And know what is strange? When I read what was up with him, I knew that I knew it before, but while reading the scenes before, I didn't really think about it. Does that even make sense? It's impossible for me to express what I want to express in English. Guess I wouldn't be able to in German as well. So, basically, I mean that it wasn't unexpected for me, but I was so into reading that book, that I couldn't even think: "I want this to happen. I want that to happen." I just read and loved it. Every single second of it.

And Alex. He obviously is no Tahir, but he really loved Z (Elysia's first.. Her original, so to say). Maybe that's why I wouldn't believe him if he declared his love for Elysia. I just can't see that happening. But maybe, I will grow to love him in the next book. I so want to know what happens after reading THAT end. AHHH! I AM EXCITEEEED! Sorry. :P

I think I should probably stop. I would only repeat myself over and over again by saying how much I loved this one. It was so good. After all the disappointing reads lately, this one really did me good. I can't wait for the second book. Give it to me now! And why did nobody tell me that this book will be released in Germany too? I would have waited! No, I couldn't have. I am glad I have not. I enjoy reading books in English way more anyway, but grr.. So many books will be released in Germany this year. So many that I already read, I might add.

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