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Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

Title: Beautiful Disaster 
Author: Jamie McGuire 
Rating: 3.5/5

Abby is new at college and actually planed on leaving her past behind, but what she didn't expect was to fall for a guy, that is everything but sweet. In fact, Travis Maddox's body is covered with tattoos and he sometimes takes part in fights that aren't all too legal. What both don't know when they set a bet that makes Abby stay with Travis a month, both of their lifes will change dramatically. Who thought falling for someone can be that nerve-wrecking?

The first thing that came to my mind when I finished this book was Hmm... I really didn't know what to think of it. I loved some parts, I thought some parts were okay, I hated some parts, etc. I'll come to those points later.

Abby is a good girl but has a horrible background. Her father drank and played too much, also risked too much, and that's why she left home and went off to college with her best friend America. When I read someone saying "Mare" I first didn't know who was meant, until I realized that is the short version for America. That happens when you have friends with names that aren't that English and when they can't even pronounce and say your name, because you happen to have an English name. But enough name talk. She wants to leave it all behind, but then when she meets bad boy Travis, she knows she can't resist for long. In the end, she is just a sucker for bad boys as everyone else is.

So, I didn't really get this bet thing. I mean, I liked it, it was the main point why Abby stayed with Travis, but whatever.

Abby's on-and-off date material Parker was a little weird. First, he seemed like a nice guy but during the story I found him annoying. To me, it seemed as if he tried to buy Abby instead of trying to show her how much he liked her by actually being himself and counting on that and not on his money or the expensive presents and dates. However, he once said a very smart thing that I found kind of cute in a way, but also very mature and I don't know what else.

“No, it’s a car. The love of my life will be a woman with my last name.”
 Travis really scared me at some parts. I mean he had a lot of temper and not in the "I hit women and I'm okay with it" way, but in the "I am psycho!" way. It was really crazy. For me, his life depened too much on Abby. I mean, make a girl the center of your universe, I am all up for that, but you have to draw a line. He was not just crazy about her, he was obsessed. And also, he is a men's slut. I'm just glad he changed, because you wouldn't want anything to do with a person like that. I still liked him, don't get me wrong. It was just that sometimes he scared me and I thought he lost his mind.

I like authors with hope that boys actually love a girl so much, they'd change their whole world for them. Every good story involves that bad guy (which you immediately fall for. Me aswell) that is turned good by the beauty he waited for his whole lifetime. Well, after reading such stories, I hate waking up and realize I am stuck in world that is nothing like that. I repeat myself all over again, but at least I know no one who is like that. Sure, it's nice to read about the perfect world where true love actually still exists and the couple gets their happily ever after. I love to read stories like that! But also I hate to face the reality after that. Rise and fall, so to say.

I am fighting with myself. I liked this book a lot, I really did, but somehow . . . I don't know but something was missing. I am a very complicated and complex person, I know that and so I guess that is the reason why I am still not completely satisfied with this book. I read so many good things about it, it's a natural thing I set high expectation on this one. While I didn't get disappointed, I also didn't get what I was hoping for. Leave out the positive things I wrote about above. I don't know if it's the lack of the character's backgrounds, or if I'm tired of reading about love-triangles, which actually happens to seem ridiculous to me. No one could ever get tired of a well written love-triangle disaster. I am a sucker for romance, but I think it took over. That's probably what felt not all too right with me in the end.

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