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Nothing Like You - Lauren Strasnick

Title: Nothing Like You
Author: Lauren Strasnick
Rating: 3.5/5

Holly doesn't feel anything. There are as good as no emotions ever since her mom died a couple of months ago. So, it's not big deal for her to love her virginity to Paul, someone she doesn't even know that well and how has a girlfriend too. That thing with Paul should have been a one-night-stand, but now Paul keeps visiting her during night times and for Holly it's nice to be a person that gets attention. Unfortunately, her guy isn't really her guy. He doesn't want to break up with Saskia, and now that Saskia is becoming one of Holly's friends, it's even harder for her to see the thin line between right and wrong.

It's bad to start with a negative espect at first, but I just have to say it: Holly is a little bitch!
(Excuse my language, please!) I didn't hate this book, not at all. It's nice not to read about the girl next door all the time, but now Holly really crossed a line for me. It's fine if you want to lose your virginity to some guy you don't even know that well, or love or whatever. I don't want to know how people do that, I just know that I don't agree with them when it comes to that kind of theme. I can understand that an event like your mother's death can turn your universe upside down, but why does that have to lead to sleeping with a guy who doesn't really care about you? Who happens to have a girlfriend who is a nice girl and who didn't do anything to you? I don't know if I'm trying to get to any point, I don't think there is one. I just wanted to start with the things that bothered me.

I, however, liked that, at some point of the story, Holly didn't want to let go of her mother and wanted to try to get a connection with her. I don't believe in all that hokuspokus-stuff, but in
Nothing Like You it showed that Holly wasn't as numb as she saw herself or other people saw her. It was her desperate trying to do anything at all. What I found a little strange, but also funny, was the fact that she called her dad by his name. And now you can guess what I loved the most? - Nils, of course! Actually, my review doesn't make any sense. I explained Holly to be a bitch in my eyes, but most readers will think the same of Nils. I've got to admit, he is a heartbreaker and I don't like that. He sets his eyes on a girl, dates her, gets bored, dumps her and starts looking for a new one. Yeah, that's not the perfect way, no doubt about it. But he is a great best friend, I think, and he and Holly would have been an amazing couple. Luckily, this is another open-ended book, or so it seems to me, so you can think of your own ending.

So, the other small things I want to mention are: I felt sorry for Saskia. She was such a nice girl and I like Holly for at least trying to stay away from Paul because of Saskia. I'd like to know what happens to Paul in twenty years. He seemed like the type of guy who'd betray his woman, well, mainly because he betrayed Saskia, so he already did that and why would a guy who loves himself as much as he does change that? I really didn't like him, though he tried to act sweet and cute sometimes. As I said, he
acted to be that way. It was just a dumb trick.

I know, this review is not very good. I am sorry. It may seem as if I didn't enjoy this book and regret reading it. Well, I enjoyed this book and I do not regret that I read it. I liked the story, but I didn't feel so good about the characters itself. That's it. That's what bothered me. I mean, it's good if a book brings out your emotions and you write about the things you got mad about during the story and the things you felt good about, right? So, what? This is the perfect book if you want to feel emotions while you read! I wouldn't have called the book
Nothing Like You, but probably that is just because I still don't know why it's called that. My top guess is that everyone always told Holly how much she looked like her mom, but that was all they had in common. Both had their own personalities and were nothing like the other one. After all is said and done now, I'm really excited to read Lauren Strasnick's other book - Her and Me and You.

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