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Getting Over Garrett Delaney - Abby McDonald

Title: Getting Over Garrett Delaney
Author: Abby McDonald
Rating: 4/5

Sadie has been in love with Garrett Delaney for two years now. Unfortunately, he is only her best friend and doesn't know about her feelings for him. This summer, Garrett gets accepted for a summer literary retreat and Sadie does not. All she ever wanted him to see is that she is the right one for him. But now, he falls for another girl and Sadie is left alone and heartbroken. Time for her to get back on train and start a new life: A new life that doesn't involve her best friend as her crush, but one that involves a new job and new friends. By creating a 12-step-system, Sadie is trying to get over Garrett Delaney.

I absolutely loved Sadie as a character. Some may say that she was way too obsessed with Garrett, yet I loved that about her. I loved to read the first few chapters the most because she was crushing so hard on him, though she had to act in front of him all the time. Can you actually imagine someone doing that two whole years? If someone believes in love, it's Sadie! You feel sorry for her because her love isn't returned the way it should be and worse she is just seen as the best friend and has to listen to all of Garrett's girl stories. You read about them a little in this book, but at some point Sadie mentions that her best friend and long-term crush is a huge heartbreaker and never really taking a relationship that serious. You'll figure out as much by the end. I would love to spoil now, but I won't!

Small note here: Sadie had an advantage because her mother is a therapist. I guess it's not easy when your mom always wants to talk about your problems in life and all that, when she should trust that you'll come to her by yourself if you feel like you need help. I didn't really like that she talked to Sadie as if she was one of her patients. She sometimes seemed so cold and I found that really horrible. Not that it did this book any harm, no, but I wouldn't want my mom to talk to me like that.

Now when it comes to Garrett, I loved him in the beginning. He was very sweet and let's not forget that he remembered Sadie's birthday. So, even though he might has his bad sides
(which includes such as being blind about Sadie's love for him, etc.), it's a nice surprise that he rememberes a birthday as a guy. Who wouldn't want that in real life too? Also, you read way too seldom (I have big problems with the English language right now. I need new words!) about guys that read poetries and write them aswell, about guys who love old music and good classic films, I think. Even though he somehow forces Sadie into all of that stuff, it's nice to rea about a guy who likes those things. I just tried to picture some of my male friends to read poetry or write them - yeah, good joke! During the middle of the book, I wanted him gone. Now, this is funny because he was gone in some way, but Sadie kept thinking about him, so he was content all the time, more or less as a shadow in the background. So, when he came back for real, I was really mad. Sadie finally managed to get a new life and clear her thoughts and for what? Absolutely nothing! And that's when he got annoying. He always wanted her to spend time with him. Obviously, that is just another prove that guys are blind: If he would have listened to Sadie a little more carefully, he would have got the hint that she was trying to avoid him. *sigh* So, after loving him in the beginning and being annoyed in the middle part, I felt so sorry for him by the end of the book. Again, it's really hard for me not to spoil, but let's just say that by the end I doubted that he clearly understood what love means. If you read the book and come to that part, you'll understand what I mean and probably feel the same way as me.

I wish there was as much or almost as much to write about Josh. But there isn't. I loved him during the whole book. He was such a funny guy and I loved that he went for his dreams and didn't care what other people thought of him. That's it. There is nothing more I can say, because, honestly, I wished for more scenes with him. If you read the book you might say that there were enough scenes with him, but I don't think so. I wish the connection between him and Sadie would have been deeper. I always wanted them to be together, but I never read anything that'd lead to a relationship between those two. When I finished this book, their connection was just like the ones you have with close friends, but not
those kind of close friends. However, you can think of an ending for yourself, which is good. If you didn't want them to be together, you can just imagine they go seperate ways and that's it. I, however, like to think that they somehow got together and had the connection I was hoping to read and somehow did, but on the other hand didn't. It's complicated.

Before I try to put down in words how much I liked this book, I got to make a
huge compliment to Abby McDonald! Now, sure her writing was great and stuff, but what I really, really, really loved in the first place was that she used two of my favourite girls name ever: Kayla and Sadie. I know, it sounds like a weird compliment, but it is one anyway.

I'd recommend this book to everyone who once loved someone without being loved back the same way, and I think that makes almost everyone on the planet. No, seriously, the 12-step-system was really great and I think young girl, old girl and even grandma's would think that system is helpful. Basically, it has all the points you know yourself, but it's good to read them and think of it like a task and not an action you have to do in order to forget someone because you want that so bad. I don't know how to describe it. Whatever, I was dying to read this book and I liked it a lot. The beginning is fabulous, I think, and even though that fabulous-thing fades a little during the middle and end, it's worth at least one reading, though I might re-read this some time soon.

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