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At Season's End - Eric Hendershot

Title: At Season's End
Author: Eric Hendershot
Rating: 2.5/5

Thanks to Cedar Fort via Netgallery for allowing me to read this book.
Sal and her family travel around the US country and search for work at fields. When they come across the north, she falls in love with Ben, but as the picking season ends, she and her family have to leave again to search for new jobs. She doesn't know if she'll ever see him again, especially when a tragedy hits the family and effects all of them. Suddenly Sal and her brother have to be grown-ups and take care of themselves. They must learn to fight for what they want, and Sal knows that what she wants is to see Ben again.

Okay, my summary sucks as always, but I don't really care right now. I couldn't do any better.

Despite the religious things in this book, I think the characters were very strong written. Eric Hendershot did a very good job, because you could always relate to them in some kind of way. And also you couldn't help but feel sorry for Sal and her brother when they had to deal with things on their own. But I must admit, that only at this point the book grew interessting for me. I really liked to read what they had to go through up from there and liked the "happy end", 'cause they deserved to be happy so much.

I should have read more about this book before I requested it via Netgallery. Somehow, I always pick the religious books, though I'm an atheist. It's not that easy for me to read about God all the time, if I myself don't believe in God and Adam and Eve and all that. There were way too many God-phrases in this book. Way too religious, also when it comes to the language. English isn't my first language, so sometimes it wasn't that easy for me to understand what they were saying. Yet, the sentences and parts that weren't about God, were very well written. A really nice style.

I feel kind of sorry that I'm giving this book only 2.5 stars, but as I sad, there was too much God talk. It wasn't because of the story, no, I liked it actually. The idea of travelling around really caught my attention, the romance between Sal and Ben was sweet too and after Sal and Tim are on their own, it was interesting and exciting to read what happens next and if they will get caught.

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