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The Boyfriend Thief - Shana Norris

Title: The Boyfriend Thief
Author: Shana Norris
Rating: 3.5/5

Avery isn't the richest girl in town. To afford her trip to Costa Rica she takes the offer of her former best friend and now enemy Hannah, who explains her to "steal her boyfriend" and make him dump Hannah. Easily said, easily done. You'd think! Turns out that there is more to Zac than Avery first assumed and soon enough she asks herself if it's all worth the cost.

We all know these plots when boys make a bet about a girl and try to get inside her pants, right? As much as we all enjoy those plots, this has a different main point: There actually is a girl, I repeat, a girl who says yes to a sort of bet like that. It's not really a bet, just an arrangement, I'd say. Avery is desperate to get to Costa Rica and when Hannah comes along the way and tells her to give her the necessary money if Avery'll make Hannah's boyfriend Zac dump her.

Normal people would tell her to dump him herself and she'd be rid off him, but obviously, it'd make her appear not so good for the voting. I don't really see any point in all those American high school votes anyway. Just saying...

So, Avery is all in control and wants to make everything right. She's got her life all figured out, or at least planed out and nothing can come between her and her plans. If only there wasn't, for example, her dad. Trisha is probably his 45th girlfriend and Avery's tired of seeing all these faces leaving in the end. That's the reason why she doesn't believe in love aswell. It never works out. It does for a short time, but people leave.

Zac is different. Zac wants to show her that she's not right about that. He lives his life 'a little' more relaxed than her. He drags her into his world and Avery has got to admit that his point of view of life isn't that bad. But as much as he tries to force Avery not to hide herself anymore, he hides himself in some ways too. He wants to be a comedian, though his father has other plans for him. So, basically they learn from one each other.

I loved Zac and I could understand Avery very much. I didn't expect this book to be so good, but it really is. It's funny and realistic and very good read.

And here is one of the cutest lines you'll ever read in your life: “Don’t steal anymore hearts,” he told me. “You’ve already got mine.” Aww <3 Now if that doesn't make you want to read it, I don't know what else will.

I'm also sorry that this review is a little messed up and fast written. There are scenes I loved in this book that I didn't metion, which I am sorry for, but to say that I liked this book a lot is almost as good as mentioning every good scene.

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