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Skyscrapers & Camelot (Renovate #01) - Mindy A. Carter

Title: Skyscrapers & Camelot (Renovate #01)
Author: Mindy A. Carter
Rating: 2.5 - 3 / 5

Thanks to NetGalley and Book Enthusiast Promotions for letting me receive a digital copy of this book.
Keegan was my world since I was six years old. When he walked out of my life, I was certain I would never see him again. He broke my heart, but truthfully I only have myself to blame. Now I'm looking into his incredibly beautiful blue eyes. He came back into my life as quickly as he left. Both of us have changed over the years, but I can't imagine living another day without him.

My name is Aimee, and this is the story of how I lost and found my best friend and love of my life. The journey may be tough but there is no denying that Keegan, and I were destined to be together. He rescued me the day we met and had always been my prince charming. One thing I'm sure of, I'm not letting my happily ever after get away this time.

Again, unfortunately this was a book that I expected a bit more of. I am not a huge fan of second chance romances, however I decided to give it a try. The thing is, that this book wasn't utterly bad, I would never say that, but things went on quite fast and I found the female main character - Aimee - really annoying. In the beginning, I was surprised this book happened to be about adult people, heading to their thirties, but then again Aimee's voice was so childish sometimes, I felt like I was stuck in a YA book. And not a good one.

I really hate to say this and I hope I am not hurting anybody's feelings. Considering the storyline, the author had a really good idea in mind and it's probably just my dislike for second chance romances that doesn't leave me impressed by Skyscrapers & Camelot. Actually, I didn't even understand why there is a Camelot in the title. Did Aimee consider Keegan as her very own Camelot? That would make sense.

So, I guess my complaining about the speed of the actions is pointless to whoever loved the book. Of course, the characters already know each other, have been through highs and lows, the story is allowed to take on speed, but it's just my taste. I don't like that very much.

Keegan was a really sweet guy, I happen to always come up with excuses on why I love the male characters in books, haha. As every reader who get the chance to read this book, I hated Gretchen right from the start. She's his "assistant" and the typical arrogant one that hates on the boss' girlfriend, yes. And then there is Kaleb, Keegan's brother, who gets his own side story in the book, along with Aimee's female best friend. I kind of hoped Kaleb would be the one for Aimee or that they had some romance going on in the past. I was totally susprised when Aimee's best friend's brother appeared and suddenly we came to find out she and Liam - that's the brother's name - had a relationship in college. Did I skip a part or was that sudden? And what's up with his attitude? Didn't understand that either.

I guess that's it. Not all positive words, I am sorry, but I am not trying to hate on this book either. Anyhow, I am glad it wasn't that long and I didn't need days in order to finish it. It was sweet and cute, but it didn't make me feel any heartbreak or other necessary emotions that I like while reading a story.

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