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Lessons of the Heart - Jodie Larson

Title: Lessons of the Heart
Author: Jodie Larson
Rating: 2.5 - 3/5

Thanks to NetGalley and Patchwork Press - Cooperative for letting me receive a digital copy of this book.
The first time we met, James Dumont knocked me off my feet.

He's sexy and smart, the classic good guy... Exactly what I want, and everything I've ever dreamed of. The most perfect guy at Somerset High School.

He even makes sixth-period Geography interesting.

Everyone says high school is tough. Fighting my attraction to James? That's the hardest part, because this guy, my perfect match, the one who makes my heart overrule my head...

He's my teacher.

What if the greatest lesson you could learn in school couldn't be found in a book?

Usually, teacher/student romance novels are one of my favourite kind. However, this book disappointed me. And I hate to say that. It wasn't about the writing, that part was good, but the storyline happened too fast - the emotions didn't appear real to me. Too many things, too many love declarations were said too soon. And so, romantic is important and it felt a bit forced to me. I didn't see real sparks, real chemistry between the two main characters.

I understand that sometimes, real life is like that too. You meet someone and connect with them. That's perfectly fine, but I would have liked to read more about that. Because I missed that part. Suddenly, they knew everything about each other and no one understood how that happened, when exactly they told each other their secrets, dreams and wishes. Also, there were quite a few phrases that were used a lot. Like, when Britta sees James, she never says so. She always implies on his green eyes. And whenever there is something wrong, James will request: "Look at me, Britta", a hundred times.

So, the idea of a teacher/student romance is always nice, and the given scenes were worked out very well too, but Lessons of the Heart just didn't knock me off my feet. I'm very sorry to say that, but things happen... I also didn't understand why everyone was so supportive of their relationship, from the very beginning. I would have thought it might take Britta and James some convincing on Britta's friends, especially when you read the first few chapters and there is a familiar situation, which everybody is really gossiping about. Didn't make any sense to me.

And I am very sad that we never got to see James family. At all. Maybe that's what made their relationship seem hallow to me. They said these super cute things to each other, after knowing each other for about a week and I felt zero chemistry (though those cute and sweet words still kind of melted my heart anyway), but nothing major happens. No family issues, no big secret. Everything's a bit too bright for my taste. And yes, I know I would be complaining if something major had happened as well. I can never be pleased, haha.

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