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Undeniable (Undeniable #01) - Ashley Simone, Alicia Roberts

Title: Undeniable (Undeniable #01)
Author: Ashley Simone, Alicia Roberts
Rating: 3/5

Thanks to NetGallery and Ashley Simone for giving me a chance to read this before the official release.

What if One Night Could Change Your Life?

Working in a diner by day and desperately applying for accounting jobs by night, Allie Nobokov fears that her future will be one of a single, virginal, cat lady. A chance encounter with a gorgeous stranger, Zac, awakens her desires and she feels an undeniable connection.

When fate pushes them together once again, Allie’s desires run wild – until, just when things start getting hot and heavy, Zac disappears into the night...

How can you deny a connection so strong?

All that is pushed to the back of Allie’s mind when her younger brother shows up on her doorstep, desperately in need of more money than she can provide… Until she sees a classified ad.

“I met a girl and I can’t get over her,” says the ad, and goes on to describe Allie. “If you look like her, I’ll pay handsomely for one night with you.”

Can Allie summon the courage to answer the mysterious ad and go through with what it entails? And can she convince the enigmatic Zac to push aside his demons and give their love a chance?
When I requested Undeniable I thought it was a full-length novel. I have a hard time reading short novels, novellas.

I'm ashamed to compare this book to 50 Shades of Gray. It's like you can't read a book that includes sexy scenes, seducing scenes, etc. without thinking of EL James' series first. Funny because I still haven't read those.

I don't know if the authors started this series as a novel and cut it then. I guess the story was meant to happen in short novels. That'd explain why some parts seemed rushed to me. However, sometimes it's better to rush than to make the reader feel bored by describing too much.

Allie really cared for her brother, so the story also focuses on other relationships too.

I had a problem wth how easily Allie found Zac on the internet. That didn't happen by accident, did it? ;)

Saying this is my new favorite book would be a lie. But I liked it enough to be excited about the sequel.

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