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Switched - Cassie Mae

Title: Switched
Author: Cassie Mae
Rating: 3.5 - 4/5

Thanks to Random House via NetGallery for allowing me to read this book before the official publication.

Kayla likes Talon. Wes likes Reagan. Talon likes Reagan. Reagan likes Talon. Talon and Reagan are a couple. Perfect plan for Kayla and Wes: Break up the perfect couple and get your prince or princess charming. But is the plan really worth the price and what happens when unknown feelings get in the way?

I wanted to use some gifs for this review, but I noticed that almost all the Cinderella Story gifs (the movie with Hilary Duff, not the one with Selena Gomez) would fit for the book. I cannot decide for a gif that way. Gah!

These are the things I know before I start a Cassie Mae book:
● I won't like the best friend of the main person
● Give me a few hours and I'll have read it
● I will like the male main person very much
● I will love the book

With the few Cassie Mae books I read so far, I can safely say these things.

So, yeah, I really disliked Kayla's best friend Reagan. She was too emotional and exaggered everything. Same with Talon. I liked him fine in the beginning, probably because of Kayla's feelings for him, but I started to dislike him more and more during the book. Of course I loved Wes. You just have to. He is one of my favourite book boyfriends now - there, I said it. Good to get it all out.

I also liked Kayla, and I was kinda surprised, because I usually have some trouble with the female main characters or main characters in general. But Kayla had was a really nice character, she had her moments, yeah, especially when she talked about Talon and you couldn't understand her blindness and all that, but she was just like any ordinary teenage girl and then again she wasn't. I like that.

The story overall is simple. And to be honest, after reading the first few pages, you can already guess how the book will end. Yet, I found myself excited about the story. I always wanted to know what happened next, because the scenes were quite extraordinary too (and no, I don't mean spin the bottle scenes, etc.). One more detail: I like how Cassie writes. The scenes aren't too long and you don't get the feeling that she didn't know what else to write.

Cassie Mae, please write thousands of books. I will put everything, all the work and whatever else there is aside to read your books first. I will! Promise! Also, I am sorry for the short review.

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