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The Summer I Found You - Jolene Perry

Title: The Summer I Found You
Author: Jolene Perry
Rating: 4 - 4.5/5

Thanks to Albert Whitman Teen via NetGallery for allowing me to read this book before the official publication.

Kate is disgnosed with diabetes type one and doesn't want to deal with it. Her life should be normal, though because of the disease it's anything but that. After meeting Aiden, who lost an arm, her own problem suddenly seems so small. Kate feels good that Aiden is treating her normal - he doesn't know she has diabetes. But as their relationships grows and grows, Kate knows she can't keep her disease a secret for much longer.

Honestly, I'm not the kind of human who likes this whole war thing and goverment sending people somewhere, knowing they can and probably will get killed there. And making someone proud (even yourself) doesn't mean you have to risk the chance to get killed. But whatever... It explains why I am also twisted and get mixed up feelings when I pick up a book that contains that (and The Summer I Found You is only the fourth book I think I read about the Army, etc.).

I loved this book with almost all my heart though. It had me right from the start. Sometimes that happens. You pick up a book and start to read it, not expecting anything and ta-dah - you love it. That's exactly what happened to me. I wanted to read, didn't know what book I should read and thought of the books I received via NetGallery. So, I just read The Summer I Found You.

Where other books would disappoint you - this book doesn't. Where other books would be cheesy - this book isn't. Where other books would try to make you cry but couldn't - this book does. This book definitely has it all: Funny parts, sad parts, dramatic parts, romance parts.

It kind of reminds me of "Stir Me Up" by Sabrina Elkins, but only because the guy there is also has a missing body part - his leg. This guy here, Aiden, has a missing arm. And though Jolene could have it left it at that - one person who is having trouble with life and health and all is enough - she didn't. And I am glad. Because she shows that Kate also has some issues and problems and I think that's what also hooked me. Not just one person has all that, but everyone has. And everyone is having a different way to get used to it or deal with it.

Sometimes, the things Kate said were kind of harsh. But that also showed me that Jolene Perry is perfectly able of writing different characters and give them meaning and a heart. Even without the names on top of the chapters you could have easily kept Kate and Aiden apart. And I love writings from both points of view if they are written well. That was the case here.

I don't know what else to say, I am still thinking about this book, though I finished it yesterday. It's in my favourites-shelf, no need to explain that, it just is. I loved Aiden and Kate and their conversations and most of all I think the way they met. This is a book for teenagers and yet the writing and the story is so much more than that. I can't even describe it. It's beautiful. All Jolene fans should read it and then some more!

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