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Friday Night Alibi - Cassie Mae

Title: Friday Night Alibi
Author: Cassie Mae
Rating: 3 - 3.5/5

On Fridays Kelli Pinkin usually sits at home, playing X-Box while someone is out, using her as an alibi, whether it's being the BFF or the boyfriend. But then she meets college students Chase Maroney. By getting to know him, she learns that there is more to life than pretending and at some point she has to decide between her "job" and her first love.

Cassie Mae just followed me on Twitter, so I felt like I should thank her with a review for Friday Night Alibi.

I love easy, light reads. Cassie Mae never fails to amaze me with these kind of stories. I didn't like the male character in this one as much as in the previous books I read by her, but Chase is still very, very cute (and I suddenly want to get a taste of oranges, though I react allergic to them sometimes. Cassie Mae, what have you done to me?)

I liked the nicknames Stinky and Moron, so funny. I also loved the teasing and jokes between Kelli and Chase. This is a romance everyone is looking for - having fun with a person you can be yourself with. *sighs*

One of my favourite scenes between the two of them was the one in the spa. My mom looked funny at me, because I laughed. I actually laughed. That only happens to two of thirty books. If even that.

The reason why I don't give this book four stars is, because I can't rate it better than How To Date a Nerd. That is still my favourite Cassie Mae book. Probably will always be.

Maybe I shouldn't have started this book - I want more books by that author and I think I read them all now. I have to wait for the next release, ugh. I am not patient. Not at all.

And maybe I shouldn't have started writing a review for this book. I cannot say something useful. I am a writer-mess, yes. At least right now. I am sorry for the lack of information on this book and by the expression how much I love Cassie Mae, but I shouldn't lie, should I? I won't. I refuse to. Read this and love this! Go, go, go!

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