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Before Hadley - J. Nathan

Title: Before Hadley
Author: J. Nathan
Rating: 3/5

Thanks to NetGalley and Patchwork Press - Cooperative for letting me receive a digital copy of this book before its official release.
What's worse than a cocky new guy at school? A cocky new guy with a killer body and the attention of the entire female student body. Hadley can tell the minute she lays eyes on Caynan that he's someone to avoid. He may have looks and charm, but he's also got heartbreak written all over his pretty face.

Unfortunately for Hadley, Caynan has his sights set on her. She's the one girl who doesn't want him. The one girl who's turned off by his charm. The one girl who challenges him like no other. And, though she couldn't possibly know the truth about him, she seems to be the one girl who really sees him.

But with Caynan, things aren't at all what they seem. His secrets have secrets and everything out of his mouth straddles the line between truth and fiction. He knows better than to get involved with anyone, especially with his time limited in the new town, but he just can't seem to get Hadley out of his mind. Too bad for him, secrets never remain secrets for long.

Alright, so this book devides into two parts. I rarely come across these novels and I usually don't like it too much when years pass around the middle of the book and the second part focuses on the characters' future, but that system fit here. It just felt... Right. Because the male character's story is so unique and unusual, there had to be a second part.

Hadley is a rich girl, who isn't exactly popular, but still has a bunch of friends. Also, she gets invited to parties and that's where she meets Caynan. He's new to town and seems like the typical player, but there is something about Caynan that no one knows. And that is exactly what makes this book so thrilling. I mean, I have never ever read about such a character before. Well, maybe once, but that book wasn't anything like this.

You see, I can't tell what Caynan does, but it's shocking. And his secrets are what he fears might tear him and Hadley apart. But when Hadley finally agrees to go out with him, he knows he can't let her go. She's it for him. Too bad his father has got different plans for him and so it happens - a betray is in the making and Hadley sees Caynan for who he really is. Question is: Who is he?

Three years later, their paths cross again and while Caynan is still determined to make Hadley his, Hadley has tried to move on and can't see herself forgiving Caynan for what he has done.

Enough with my always-reapting summary. I can tell you... I was hooked. I mean, the scenes in the beginning weren't really much different from any other book I have read in the past. Hadley seemed like the girls I can't stand - feisty, yet totally insecure about themselves. Being feisty is their cover-up, their facade. And I think, it was like that, too. So, while I didn't like her much, I liked the plot idea. I usually don't enjoy any crime topics in books, so I was surprised by how much I wanted to find out about Caynan's story. His love for Hadley was so strong - nothing could destroy it. That was really sweet, however in the end, I didn't understand him anymore. And of course that is when Hadley changes her mind, last minute thing and all. That was too much of a drama for me.

So, my review is probably a mess (as always), but I think I made my point clear. Before Hadley is a great read, a thrilling read. If you like high school romances, shocking news, wrong decisions, stupid parents and second chanes in novels, then you'll most likely love it.

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