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When We Fall (Take the Fall #02) - Marquita Valentine

Title: When We Fall (Take the Fall #02)
Author: Marquita Valentine
Rating: 3/5

Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept for letting me receive a digital copy of this book before the official release date.
The last time Piper Ross saw her best friend's sexy older brother, Jase Simmons, he was being taken away in handcuffs. Seven years later, two things haven't changed: Piper is still head-over-heels in love with him . . . and Forrestville's chief of police—Piper's dad—still hates his guts. So when Piper sees a chance to get close to Jase, she makes her move—literally. As his new roommate, and as the office manager of his tattoo shop, Piper won't be satisfied until Jase knows that she wants to be his.

The quintessential good girl, Piper is pure temptation for Jase. The only reason he's always kept his distance is because she's the last person he'd ever want to hurt. But once he realizes that Piper is ready to take the leap, everything just makes sense. Suddenly Jase feels like a new man—until nasty rumors start swirling and Piper's heartless father stirs up even more trouble. Now Jase must convince Piper that she wasn't wrong about him . . . because falling in love never felt so right.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read the book by its publishing date, which I am so sorry for. If I had known what a quick read it was, I probably would have found the time to read it by the official release date. Anyway, now that I have read it, I can express my opinion.

Piper has been in love with her best friend's brother Jase for as long as she can remember. Even when he was locked up behind bar, spending seven years of his life in prison. Now that he's out again, she can't believe her luck when he agrees to let her move in with him. Abandoned by her parents because she refuses to settle with someone from the rich side own town, she takes the chance to move in with Jase and decided to finally admit her feelings to him. At first, he tries to keep his loving-all-woman act up, but soon enough realizes that Piper is the only girl he wants. But what about his past and what about Piper's parents?

Excuse my rubbish attempt of repeating the summary in my own words. I always feel bad for only using the official description, so I often want to write my own.

In the beginning, I didn't understand When We Fall at all. That wasn't the author's fault, but mine, since I didn't give much thought to requesting this book. It's a new adult novel, one that includes a bad boy and I was in. However, I can't say that I regret reading this book. That would be a lie.

As I read the first few pages, read a few chapters, I found myself enjoying to find out more about Jase and Piper. They were a really sweet couple, I think. It was refreshing to learn more about a bad boy who doesn't only think of himself as that, but also spend a lot of years in prison. We don't find out much about what his life in there was like, but I didn't care about that, either. I'm glad the book focused on the present and not so much on the past. That's new for me.

There's no other choice but hate Piper's parents. I often wondered why they'd even bothered to have a child if they only wanted her to become a clone of themselves. Luckily, Piper was described as a strong girl who took good care of herself, working her ass off in order to pay for her classes. Even with Jase by her side, she didn't turn into a lazy woman. And Jase... Well, he is definitely book boyfriend material. Not my first choice, but perfect for new adult obsessed.

Before writing anything else, I want the author to know that I liked When We Fall. It didn't disappoint me or anything, yet I feel like the end was rushed. Somehow, I would have liked for the story to go on a bit before that ending had come. Ninety percent of the the book, it was close to impossible to solve the problems and then the last bit, it all hapened so fast. It was too fast for me. That's just my opinion and also doesn't harm my rating or something. I'd still recommend this book if readers are looking for a good new adult novel that isn't too long and are into self confident women and bad boys in books.

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