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No Regrets - Kate L. Mary

Title: No Regrets
Author: Kate L. Mary
Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for letting me receive a digital copy of this book before the official release date.
When they were kids, Cami promised her best friend, Julie, not to let life pass her by. But on Cami's 18th birthday, life hit her head-on, and a devastating car crash left Julie in a coma. Cami blames herself. She should have been focused on the people who mattered most to her, not the hot guy from out of town...
Now a college freshman, Cami comes face-to-face with Liam, the handsome British boy who had captured all of her attention on that fateful evening. She tries to avoid him by dating other guys, but the heat between them makes him impossible to ignore. Can Cami admit to her feelings or will she back out on her promise to Julie by letting her future slip through her fingers?

Where to begin?! Uhm... This is kinda difficult for me and I have no clue why. Let me start by saying that I enjoyed the book, though I couldn't stand the main character Cami. Her best friend has been declared as brain dead after an accident. She blames herself and her best friend's mother does as well, which doesn't make the whole thing any easier on Cami. I could relate to that part of Cami - the weak side, the part written to make us see she's just a human and not some heartless girl.

Heartless girl... Yeah, that's what I thought the second I started reading this book. I could not stand Cami. She seemed to be a selfish college student, some party girl that I wasn't interested in finding out about. Luckily, Ryan and Annie appeared soon and I was rescued by these wonderful characters. Seriously, I loved them so much, I probably would have had a much harder time with this book, if they hadn't been included.

Ryan is Cami's cousin and Annie is her roommate at college, a shy girl. The relationship between Cami and her cousin is more like a brother-sister-relationship. I liked their conversations very much. When Annie first appears in No Regrets, you get a real good view of her and Cami as well, let me tell you. Her way of describing her roommate... Well, it's what had me believing she's selfish and not a good friend. To be it seemed like she wanted Annie to turn into a second Julie and I felt so sorry for Annie for not knowing about it. She didn't seem like a friend and turned Annie into her private experiment.

I totally understood the pain Cami had to have felt and I think the letters she wrote to her former best friend and also the thoughts she had were really well-written. I would have liked to read more about Cami's way of trying to cope with it, not just trying to keep the promise she and Julie made when they were younger.

And then there is Liam. No new adult book without a hot guy, and it's a plus if he's British, yummy. Seriously, what is it with us girls and British guys?! No need to mention that I liked him, it's obvious. He, no matter how much he tried to be a bad guy, was the one who made us see a different side of Cami, the caring and loving one.

So, I really liked No Regrets and the scenes, the conversations. My review might give you a different picture, but that's not true, otherwise I wouldn't have rated it the way I did. Next thing I'll do is search for a book about Ryan or Annie, though I fear there isn't one, but I know that one would be one of my very favourites, so I still hope for one. I didn't like Cami, I'm sorry. I can repeat that a million times, but it won't change a thing. Maybe it's because I know I wouldn't be able to be friends with a girl like her in real life either and I wonder how Annie and she got along so well.

I recommend this book if you're looking for a book about loss and friendship without having to grab for a tissue too many times and focus on the good things in life, still. I'm sorry (again, I say that far too many times, I guess haha) if this review isn't what you expected and a little thin on informations.

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