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Have Mercy - Shelley Ann Clark

Title: Have Mery
Author: Shelley Ann Clark
Rating: 2.5/5

Thanks to NetGallery and Random House Publishing Group (Loveswept) for giving me a chance to read this before the official release.
Rock diva Emme Hayes already broke up one band after sleeping with the lead singer, and she swears she won’t let sex screw things up again. The problem is, her new bass player—a lean, muscular, tattooed mystery man who makes her want to demand his absolute attention—has her so worked up she can hardly carry a tune. Emme promises he’s off-limits. She just doesn’t know how she’ll be able to confine the heat to her love songs.

The moment Tom McKinney lays eyes on Emme strutting around the stage of his blues bar—all curves, eye liner, and teased blond hair—he knows she’s one of a kind. So when she offers him a two-month paid gig to tour with her band, Tom can’t say no, despite family troubles and the bar’s precarious finances. Onstage and off, the music they make thrums in his soul, but Tom has too much going on to get involved—even if he burns to let Emme play his body like a fine-tuned instrument.
Due to internet problems, I am sorry the review isn't up on Goodreads yet and there is no image of the book cover. As soon as my internet allows me to browse faster, the problem will be taken care of.

I'm feeling horrible. I mean, when you request a book and actually get the chance to read it before most other people in this world, you should call yourself lucky. But I was disappointed in this book and I am so sorry for it.

It wasn't about the writing or the story (the idea behind that was pretty great). It was more about the fact that I should quit reading rock star romances. I used to like them, but now all I ever see is bleh. The book can be incredible and I still wouldn't be able to see its beauty. I'm afraid I am not able to write a fair review on this and I am really sorry about that.

What I can tell you is that I'd definitely read a book about Tom's sister. I'd like to read more about her story and her thoughts. I wouldn't even mind if it included some band or rock star things.

I know, I suck at writing reviews, especially this one, giving you no information or anything. I don't think this book was a waste of time and it certainly wasn't the worst book I've ever read. It wasn't! There were some scenes (the rain scene for example) that I really enjoyed. It wasn't that bad. I just wished to see the character's feeling develope. It was like: Meeting and then that's it - they're perfectly aware of their feelings for each other. I wanted them to experience more than just a tour and seduction and all that stuff. I wanted it to be real or just closer to reality.

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