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Thousand Words - Jennifer Brown

Title: Thousand Words
Author: Jennifer Brown
Rating: 3 - 3.5/5

Ashleigh wanted to make sure her boyfriend Kaleb doesn't forget about her. What she does is taking a naked photo of herself and sends it to him. After their break-up, she gets to know real face though - he sends it to everyone she knows - and more people. While people call her ugly names and life feels miserable for her, court orders her community service. There she meets Mack, who is probably the only one who hasn't seen the photo.

I haven't written a review in forever, so I thought it was time to get back on track. Or at least give it a try. I'm sorry if it isn't doesn't match your opinion about the book or whatever. I'm not used to write reviews anymore, haha.

This book really had me twisted. I really liked it though. The story is just great and also very believable. You always read about stuff like that: Girl loves boy and sends him a picture of himself, that shouldn't be seen by under 18 year olds or anyone else but the boy at all. The boy is kind of evil and sends the picture anyway. Or someone finds it on his phone and spreads it around the globus. Not cool, no no. Happens all the time though and I feel so sorry for the girls. I wouldn't say I feel sorry for ALL the girls who do that...

That explains why this book had me twisted, just like these "accidents" have me twisted. You can blame the boy for sending the picture as much as you want, but in the end, nobody made you take a naked picture of yourself. You have a free will, duh. And all the consequences that follow are yours to take and deal with. I am not saying that the boy is the sweety now, but there are always two sides to blame and look at.

It's a serious crime though. It should not be taken too easily. Teenagers may not think about the consequences of their actions, but there are some. Serious ones even.

I really hated Ashleigh's "friends" though. They didn't seem like such a good support. Neither did her parents. No one really did, and that guy Mack was kind of ... I don't know. He was a bit strange, I think. And I'm not sure if I should like the fact that's he and Ash are friends, or if I like relationships better.

I would recommend this book anyway. I liked it. That's what I actually wanted to prove or say for that matter. It's written really well and you feel all of Ashleigh's emotions. I also read "Bitter End" by Jennifer Brown, but I liked Thousand Words much better!

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