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Speechless - Hannah Harrington

Title: Speechless
Author: Hannah Harrington
Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to Harlequin(TEEN) via Netgallery for giving me the chance to read this book before the official publication.

Chelsea Knot is blubbering secrets out like it's the latest fashion. But then someone nearly gets killed by telling a secret and she realises, something has to change. Silence - that is the solution. She vows to not speak and keeps her mouth shut. She won't speak, even when people start being mean. She wants people to forgive her, but can and will she really forgive herself?

I had the chance to read this before the official publication date. Unfortunately, I had some big family problems, so I read it after the publication. I am still very thankful for HarlequinTEEN for giving me the chance to read this before other people, even if I couldn't do that in the end.

I am sorry my summary is so similar to Goodread's. I hate writing summaries.
I am having some trouble writing this review. It has nothing to do with the fact how much I liked or disliked the book. I just read a lot of other books in the meantime that I liked better, and so I focused on them. Let me have a moment to reflect and remember this book again.

Chelsea is the typical teenage girl you read about in books: She is pretty popular, has a bunch of friends and all that kind of things. But there is one tiny problem - she can't keep a secret. Reading this book, you know she doesn't mean to harm other people by telling secrets the whole word. It's just that she can't help it. You get annoyed with her habit anyway, because seriously, who likes someone you can't trust your secrets with? Exactly, you don't like that person! Yet, when you read Speechless and go into the story more and more, you find yourself liking Chelsea more and more. And the fact that she didn't stop her vow: Not to speak at all.

What was up with the not speaking thing? I asked myself that too. In the beginning at least. But then I got used to not reading conversations between character A and character B. There are conversations in this book, let me tell you that. There are plenty. It's just that you're getting focused on Chelsea's mind a lot more often. I liked that. I liked to read things from her point of view, not just by reading how she spoke with other people, 'cause she didn't really do that during the book, but reading her thoughts. That's so much more intense. I don't know why. I didn't even liked that in the beginning, but I grew to like it during the story.

Speechless makes you think. I think that it's always good when a book leaves you thinking about life and stuff. More books should be like that. And in the end, it left me a little bit speechless myself. I didn't expect Hannah Harrington to fail me. She is fabulous, after all. I have to admit that I liked her other book Saving June more. It's one of my favourite books. But her second novel didn't let me down. It was everything a book is supposed to be: Funny, there is a very sweet romance involved and it is also a little difficult to understand (I mean the motives of the characters). It also shows you that not everything is working out fine, but you can deal and live with it anyway. You just have to be strong. I read this pretty fast and when I was done I thought: "What? This is it already?" It's a page-turner. You can't put it down once you start it.

So, once more Hannah Harrington proved me that she is a great author. One, that I would like to read more of.

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