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Guardian (Halflings #02) - Heather Burch

Title: Guardian (Halflings #02)
Author: Heather Burch
Rating: 3/5

Thanks to Zondervan via Netgallery for accepting my request on reading this book.

Nikki's in danger. Everyone she loves is in danger because of her. Now she's on a mission with two boys who own her hearts. Torn between them and the tasks she is facing, Nikki has to make the right choices.

In the second book of the Halflings series Guardian everything felt a little too forced for me. The plot wasn't too obvious, so by the end I had to ask myslf if there was a plot at all. Or at least one that made a little sense. I bet there was, but you have a hard time figuring out.

I really loved the first book, and this one disappointed me. I wanted it to be more real. Not as in "leave the angel stuff out", but in "oh my god, I can't put it down and I feel connected." It wasn't that for me. Even if series are a good thing, sometimes it should have only been one big, fabulous book. It can't feel too stretched out that way. (It shouldn't)

At some parts I didn't quiet understand the character's actions. While I loved Nikki in Halflings, I kind of got annoyed by her in Guardian. Also, I wasn't happy with the pairing (the couple). I could (and can) see that Mace has some burden to carry, so why is he so nice? He has his bad mood moments, but he always end up being Mr. Nice Guy. I liked him better in book number one.

Main character number three, and the most awesome one as well - Raven. I am mad at him. He lost his coolness because of Nikki, and because of her decision he does something dumb and leaves the crew. I can't stay mad at him for long though and I loved the scenes that incdluded him.

Maybe I focused too much on the characters in this review, but I can't say much about the plot. As I said, it takes some time to follow, but it was pretty exciting still. By the end, when readers get to know what's going on with Nikki, you're shocked. I wasn't excpecting that. You always thought you knew who and what she was. Then it changed.

So, once again: Guardian was not as good as Halflings, and though it didn't match my hopes and expectations, I still liked it, 'cause this is a good book series. I hope the third book will be better than the second, but I'm not thinking bad of this one. Looking very forward for book three now.

And I'm sorry if my review isn't that helpfull. I can recommend that if you read Halflings, you should read Heather Burch's second book in the series too.

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