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Elixir (Elixir #01) - Hilary Duff

Title: Elixir (Elixir #01)
Author: Hilary Duff
Rating: 4/5

Clea Raymond loves photography and while her father has been missing for a longer while now, she tries to distract herself by taking photos. Once she sees them through, she discovers that there is a mysterious man in all those pictures. Not even knowing him, she feels that there is a deep connection between her and him. When they finally meet in person, he tells her about her past lives during the last centuries and how they always find their way back to each other. Everything could end up in a happy romance, but Clea's father is still missing and then there is also Ben, who suddenly seems to be more interested in her than a good friend should be.

I suck at writing summaries, but that's nothing new. So, I guess I liked this book so much, mainly because I LOVE Hilary Duff. It's sad, because I wanted to read it without always keeping in mind that this book was written by one of my role models. I couldn't trick my brain.

Basically, I liked Clea's character, but I was a little annoyed by all the trips she and Ben (and also Sage) take. I guess it should show that Sage finds her everywhere, but it felt like throwing money out the window. That's how I saw it anyway. Jealousy, it sucks.

I also thought that the romance between Clea and Sage, who didn't have to deal with different lifes and different bodies since he only ever was Sage (thanks for the Elixir of Life), happened a little too fast. I mean, first it takes ages for them to find each other, or actually see each other, and then the "I love you" is said very easily and fast. Of course, they know each other since centuries, but still.

And then poor little Ben. It must be really hard for him to see Clea and Sage hooking up each life time and he gets nothing. I understand why he'd done the things he did in past lives. No, I can't but I'm still feeling sorry for him. He cares about Clea so much and she can only see the wanna-be hero. It's obvious that I don't like Sage that much, isn't it? :P

I liked the book idea and I absolutely adore the cover! One of my all time favourites. All Hilary Duff fans will love this book with their entrie heart, but as for non-fans, it might take some time for them to feel this book, if it even ever happens at all. I liked it anyhow. Can't wait to read Devoted.

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